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PocketCAS is the most advanced mathematics application for iPhone and iPad. It can help you with any kind of math problem, from elementary school all the way up to calculus, algebra and statistics. It can replace your old graphing calculator, help you with your homework, and assist you in any kind of calculation for university or work.

This app is an indispensable tool for every student, teacher and engineer. It makes college-level calculus and algebra easy and can help you in a wide range of cases. It provides features comparable with a TI-89 calculator and combines them with a modern, intuitive interface and incredible graphics capabilities.

- 2D Plots: Quickly create 2D cartesian, implicit, polar or parametric plots.
- 3D Plots: PocketCAS draws stunning 3D plots!
- Calculus: Calculate limits, derivatives, integrals and taylor expansions.
- Linear Algebra: Invert and multiply matrices or calculate determinants, eigenvalues and much more!
- Algebra: Perform integer and polynomial factorization and division, use permutations, and more.
- Solving: PocketCAS will solve almost any equation for you. It even supports systems of linear equations and ordinary differential equations!
- Scripting: PocketCAS' C-style scripting language allows you to define custom functions, use conditional expressions, loops and also supports recursion.
- Physical Units: Constants and units are provided out of the box. Simply enter physical formulas with the corresponding units and convert results to the units you prefer.

- iCloud support: Sync documents between your Mac, iPhone and iPad!
- Export: Print or export plots, entries or the whole document as PDF!
- Mathematical keyboard: PocketCAS' mathematical keyboard is unmatched on the App Store.
- Help: All functions are explained in the built-in reference. If you're stuck, there's plenty of tutorials as well as a manual ( to get you going. And you can always contact our support ( for help!
- Offline computation: PocketCAS doesn't need an internet connection to calculate results.

PocketCAS lite is a free version of PocketCAS that will allow you to try out the interface and many features before buying PocketCAS pro.
It has the following limitations:
- Many advanced mathematical functions (e.g. integration, taylor expansion, eigenvalues, solving equations, etc.) are unavailable.
- It will plot only two functions at a time.
- Exported graphics will be watermarked.
The full functionality is available in PocketCAS pro.

"This program has an incredible amount of power for such a compact program. I teach high school math, and this program can work with all sorts of expressions, graphs, and help check my work. Definitely worth it!"

"I am 8 years old and this App is awesome! It helps you learn calculus quickly. It's a work of art!"

"One of three Apps I use when teaching A Level maths. Have recommended to numerous students. Excellent."

"This is one of the best. The CAS capabilities are compatible to only two other apps, and this one is all offline and includes countless additional features. It's never steered me wrong and is the first thing I go to when I'm in a hurry to figure something out. If you're a student this is pretty much as good as it can get."

"You will love this calculator. It's powerful to calculate everything, doesn't matter you're a high school student or college student. Specially for the people who like to solve problems with graphs!"

"This app is so powerful and slick looking. It is totally amazing and what it can do."


Versión 3.15

Bugfix: Fixed an issue with printing/exporting documents that contain 2D graphs.
Bugfix: Fixed an issue with exporting full-screen 3D graphs.
Bugfix: Fixed an issue with misaligned value tables.
Bugfix: Added a workaround that might fix issues with saving documents to iCloud.

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4.5 de 5
8 valoraciones

8 valoraciones

kerenmac ,


Si necesitas tener ordenados tus cálculos, y separarlos por documentos (son como carpetas y dentro vas añadiendo cálculos en "módulos"). Llevo varios años utilizando la versión Little y a cambio de un anuncio de nada ofrece muchas funciones que no ofrecen otras apps de pago, incluida la sincronización con iCloud Drive.
Ademas es estable (ni cierres inesperados ni comportamientos extraños), la actualizan con frecuencia y añaden mejoras continuamente. Lo que me parece raro que que no este en el top, por que no hay otra igual y dudo que alguna se le acerque.
Cuando vuelvan a rebajar la versión Pro la comprare, necesito todas las funciones que ofrece.
Gracias por crear pocketcas! Seguid así!

PD: Si estas estudiando una Ingeniería u otros estudios en los que tienes mil formulas y cálculos te recomiendo que la pruebes, te aseguro que te asombrará.

sopa_de_ganso ,



amaliapombrol ,


Works great


Thomas Osthege und Daniel Alm
30.2 MB

Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Alemán, Francés, Inglés



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