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Calculate gearing easily on a borrowed boat | Simply enter your rig and “New Boat, Which Oars” will set your standard gearing on any borrowed boat | Perfect for rowers and coaches |
Forget gearing-related stress, download now!

"Decent Rowing is the most comprehensive and thoughtfully produced online guide to rowing to date"
(Bryan Kitch, 2013)

“New Boat, Which Oars” is the first app from Decent Rowing, the world’s most comprehensive online guide to rowing. Gearing is something that we all struggle with –too often we’ve offered a sympathy to embarrassed coaches who, under regatta pressure, haven’t set the right gearing for their athletes in a borrowed boat. We too learnt the hard way, and there’s no worse feeling as a coach than getting the gearing wrong!

“New Boat, Which Oars” helps you make gearing changes quickly and confidentially. Here’s how it works:
• The app will ask you for your standard rig (oar length, inboard length, span/spread)
• Your standard gearing will then be calculated
• You can then enter any dimension (oar length, inboard length, span/spread) from a borrowed boat, and the app will calculate your other dimensions to achieve your normal gearing

The app also has a “gearing 101” slideshow, and a help section.

Here’s an example:

Sally normally rows (285|89|159). i.e.,
• Oar length: 285cm
• Inboard: 89cm
• Span: 159cm
The app calculates Sally’s normal gearing. It is 2.05.

Unfortunately her normal boat is unavailable. An hour before her heat, she is offered a boat with a span of 160cm. Sally quickly enters “160cm” into the app, which instantly suggests an oar length of 286.5cm, and inboard length of 89.5cm. She is able to make the changes and complete her heat with her normal gearing.


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Decent Rowing Pty Ltd
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Requiere iOS 7.1 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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