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ILS Start Ride helps you track and find the bus or bus stops near you! No more wasting time having to memorize countless bus schedule timings or having to wait long hours in the sun waiting for your bus. ILS Start Ride allows you to track the bus you are interested in, to know its location and estimated arrival time, along with finding your nearest bus stops. It’s designed to ensure ease of use for users of all ages and all levels of technology understanding. Not only will it allow you to track the bus you are interested in and your nearest bus stops, but you can also find points of interest around you. Filter between cafes, restaurants, gyms, and much more, to navigate to the nearest point of interest to you.
The application is great for students because it allows them to better manage their schedule and arrange their time since they know when their bus will pick them up and drop them off. It allow you to make better use of your time by allowing you to track a specific bus so you can know when you need to hurry and when you can take your time. It is also a great app for students or parents who want to be able to view their friend or children’s buses to ensure their safe and will be there on time.
The application has the following features:
1) Find a bus and track it
2) Find the nearest bus stops to you
3) Get trip information
4) View the busses that will pass by you’re the stop point you are interested in
5) Save your favorite stop points for future reference
6) Navigate to your nearest point of interest (Café, Restaurant, Gym, Airport, etc…)
Here at AHCCinc, we are constantly striving to enhance the usability of our applications and software to make it the most convenient and efficient for our users. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know!


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