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Scare your family and friends! Watch them jump and scream in horror!

Run the app, give it to your victim and tell them it’s an awesome game.

While they are playing and concentrating hard, a terrifying monster will suddenly jump out of the screen with a loud scary scream.

At that exact moment the app will take a picture of them which you can share with all your friends!

“The perfect app for a real prankster! I love it” CheekyPrankST3R123

“The best Halloween or April Fool’s day prank out there!” Simon Scaremonger

- Turn up the volume and run the game before you give it to your friends.
- Make sure the camera is enabled for the app before starting to play.
- Be careful, people may drop your device. Play in controlled environment only!
- This application is too scary for some people. Do not use this use on anyone suffering from heart problems. Authors of this application do not take responsibility of any result of using this application.

The game behind the prank our popular Floaty Plane game. If you haven’t tried it in full, download it now for free!!!


Versión 1.1

- The whole game engine has been upgraded
- "How to" guide added
- You can now choose whether to take a video or a photo of your victim! Switch between the two in settings
- You can also change at what point the scare is triggered in the game
- Now optimised for all Apple device sizes

Enjoy your pranking!!!

Privacidad de la app

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