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“I will teach you everything, with great attention.”

You (the main character) refuses to join any clubs at high school due to past trauma.
In the spring of your second year a friend from the Newspaper Club comes to you with a request, to help with some in-depth research on the sports clubs!?
Get close to an arrogant, proud Volleyball Club Member; a yandere, childhood friend from the Swimming Club; or a tsundere junior from the Basketball Club!!

◆ Characters
・ Mizushita Aoi
※ Default name / Possible to change name
Something happened in his past to make him depressed. But when a classmate from the Newspaper Club makes a request he’s roped in to be a temporary club member and conduct in-depth research on a sports club.

・ Kaido Haruma
Volleyball Club Captain. 3rd year.
Club captain who aims to take the Volleyball Club to the Nationals.
Proud and carefree personality.
Normally a ladies man and enjoys joking around, but he can be really serious and strict when the club’s involved. He’s been interested in the main character for a while, and persistently inviting him to join the Volleyball Club.
But what’s his secret with his family…?

・Kusunoki Nozomi
Swimming Club. 2nd Year.
Kind childhood friend.
He has a minor role in the Swimming Club, but makes the practice regime and does the administration for them. He’s always looked out for the main character, ever since middle school. He acts as a guardian but when his attachment to the main character is exposed…

・Hino Youta
Basketball Club. 1st Year.
A rookie who joined the Basketball Club that went to the Nationals.
He’s often very frank when he talks and easily misunderstands, but he’s thoughtful and honest.
He’s a year younger than the main character but can’t seem to leave him alone.
He overworks when he becomes focused on practice, but also seems to have a secret…?

Main character’s classmate and Newspaper Club member.

◆ Artwork
Increase each character’s Affection and special events with beautiful artwork will occur!

◆ Play Specs
・ Free to play scenario tickets can be used 5 times once a day, let’s UP his Affection!
・ You can UP the Appeal though In-depth Research! Polish your Skills and get closer to him!
・ This is a visual novel game where you choices progress the story, it’s so easy to play!
・ Check often for Limited Events!

Category / Genre: Romance ADV / Yaoi / BL
Age Restrictions: 17+
Price: Free to Play (in-app purchase)


Versión 1.4.1

This update is signed with Apple’s latest signing certificate. No new features are included.

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1 valoración


Abracadabra Inc.
7.2 MB

Requiere iOS 5.1.1 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Inglés, Japonés

Contenido sexual o desnudez poco frecuentes/ocasionales
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