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Dear Irregulars,

Immerse yourselves a little deeper in the investigations of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective with this companion app. It contains the audio tracks of each case introduction of The Thames Murders & Other Cases and Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures. No spoilers included!

Get comfortable.

Download the Consulting Detective game and launch the app. Select the case you wish to play and listen to its introduction. Memorize or note the information before you start investigating.

The rules remain unchanged: After you have listened to the introduction and found the lead you wish to follow, read out loud its entry. After your turn is over, pass the booklet to the Irregular on your left, as usual.


Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is an investigation cooperative game.

Designers: Gary Grady, Suzanne Goldberg, Raymond Edwards (Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective system), Jérôme Ropert (Jack the Ripper Campaign), and Thomas Cauët (The Murderer Lives at Number 221 and The Devil’s Ransom)

Artists: Pascal Quidault, Nierac, Arnaud Demaegd, and Bernard Bitler

The Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective game series is published by JD Editions / Space Cowboys.


Versión 3.1

Spanish version of Sherlock Holmes: Jack the Ripper & Other cases now available.

Valoraciones y reseñas

1.9 de 5
22 valoraciones

22 valoraciones

Javi18289 ,

Solo reproduce el primer cas

Es una pena que no funcione correctamente... solamente reproduce el primer caso!!

Jesusangel ,

Solo lee el primer caso

En iOS 14 solo lee el primer caso.

Mctaru ,


Solo lee el primer caso

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