Shortexts Pro 4+

Carlos Rubio Marti

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Shortexts is your go-to solution for boosting efficiency and streamlining your workflow. Whether you're a professional writer, a coding guru, or simply someone who spends a lot of time typing, Shortexts will revolutionize the way you work.

Key Features:

Seamless Integration: Shortexts effortlessly integrates into your macOS environment, allowing you to expand custom abbreviations into full-fledged text snippets across all your applications.

Boost Productivity: Save precious time by automating repetitive tasks with our intuitive text expansion tool. Never type the same thing twice – let Shortexts do the work for you!

Customizable Shortcuts: Tailor Shortexts to your needs with fully customizable abbreviations and expandable text snippets. Create and manage your personalized library for maximum efficiency.

Secure and Private: Rest easy knowing that Shortexts keeps your data safe and secure. Your text snippets are stored locally on your device, ensuring your sensitive information remains private.

Lightweight and Resource-Friendly: Shortexts is designed to be lightweight, so it won't slow down your Mac. Enjoy a smooth, lag-free experience while supercharging your productivity.

Multi-Language Support: Whether you're communicating in English, Spanish, or any other language, Shortexts has you covered with its extensive language support.

Regular Updates: We're committed to improving Shortexts continually. Expect regular updates, bug fixes, and exciting new features to enhance your text expansion experience.

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Versión 1.0.2

- Bug fixes and minor improvements.

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