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■ App Description
This app uses stereograms to help improve eyesight.

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#1 Top paid app for the iPhone in Japan
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Reviews from users
*The reviews below are translations of reviews posted by Japanese users.

■ Great!!! Thank you very much. (^_^) - Version 3.4
I started with this app two months ago as I prepared to renew my driver's license this August. I used it three times a day, and imagine my surprise at the result: I got a call back from the exam rep, saying "You won't need to use your glasses anymore when driving. We're removing any glasses restrictions from your license." I was astonished! Thank you.

■ Definitely improves vision. - Version 3.4
I used the app continuously for three months, every day. I feel like my vision has improved considerably.

■ Works - Version 3.4
My aging eyes have improved a bit. I plan to continue the regimen.

■ The best! (^_^) - Version 3.4
My sight really improved!!


Vision is made up of two components, that of the eyes themselves and that of the brain.
"Eye vision", what we commonly think of as vision itself, is the ability of the eyes to focus in on the things that they see.
"Brain vision" is the ability of the brain to take what the eyes have received and perceive that as an image.
In order to restore vision, it is not necessary to only train the physical eyes but the brain as well.

In 3D Eyesight Recovery, by looking at the 3D stereograms,
・ Train your brain vision by trying to focus and see the 3D images.
・ Strengthen eye muscles that are not commonly used.
・ Stretch your eyes by using the opposing horizontal and cross viewing methods.
・ Continue using it daily because of the enjoyment that viewing stereograms brings.

Through the use of this application you'll be able to accomplish the above four at once while performing enjoyable exercise for your eyes.

■ Instructions for Use
Look at the stereogram using the walleyed method and the cross-eyed method, one after the other. Use this app regularly on a daily basis.

※Looking at 3D stereograms is exercise, so your eyes will get tired. Please refrain from using this app for extended periods of time so as not to tire your eyes.

※There is no guarantee that the effect will work on everyone.


Versión 3.24

- Supported iOS14.
- Added stereograms.

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