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Every now and then you might be faced with a blank page and absolutely no idea how to fill it. We’ve come up with a quick and fun solution for creative block, all you need to do is just start the app, tap a button and get a fresh idea, then tap again and another “task” is on. It’s so easy!

For the moments you feel inspired you can use the app to store your own ideas. Just swipe down and add a new who/what statement. You can also change the existing who/what texts or delete the ones which don’t like or doesn’t fit your interests or expertise. Tap the edit icon in the upper left corner and change the text. Delete the text and press Done if you want to delete it from your statements. Tap again the edit icon if you want to cancel. Lock the who or what by using the button in the upper right corner and tap the refresh button.

The Sketch Ideas app is perfect for anyone who wants to practice and improve their drawing skills. All skill levels are welcome but let’s face it, there is always room for improvement, and the best way to achieve that is through active practice. You can lock the "WHO" card and draw the same character in different situations. Lock the "WHAT" card and draw different characters in the same situation.

In our app you will find useful inspirational prompts to draw your own characters, creatures, objects, environments and situations. We want to motivate you to pick up a pencil and draw. The prompts we have included are designed to challenge your skills, captivate your imagination and push you out of your comfort zone. If you enjoy sketching, but sometimes find it hard to sit down come up with fun ideas for subject, our app is for you!


Versión 2.8

You can now add a widget to your home screen for fun ideas and inspiration throughout the day. We listened to our users and built an iPad version of the app.
Swipe down from the top and tap the "Add" button to add your own ideas.
Designed and optimized for the new iOS 14.
Follow us on Instagram @ideas_sketch or Twitter @IdeasSketch and join our growing community.

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