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Spooky Cam is an absolutely fun app to use to scare your friends or anyone.

Use Spooky Cam App to ask your friends to take your photo. When the snap button is triggered, he/she will be surprised with the sudden appearance of a scary image on the view. This will surely make them scream instantly!

You can either use the back or front camera for this. Front camera is a good way to pretend that you are taking a selfie with them instead!

Choose from 4 available scary images as per your preference. Each will be triggered with an eerie sound as well! Try them all to see which one is the scariest.

You can switch on (by default) or off, the camera recording mode which will actually take a short video clip of your friend when the scary image appears. This surely is priceless for you to have one & you can share them all with other friends as well! Imagine the screaming & shocking face that will be recorded!

So what are you waiting for? Download Spooky Cam & start scaring everyone now!

WARNING : Use at your own risk! Do not use this App on person with heart conditions, asthma, prone to seizures, respiratory problems or any type of medical / non-medical problems or are pregnant. We are not responsible for any harm, injuries or death, or any consequences which may arise directly or indirectly for using this App.

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