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Squirrel is the most secure Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app. All of your data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. You can easily track all of your cryptocoins, including 1000's altcoins and ERC20 tokens. use the alert features to track the latest coin prices and market charts. API Importing + Live Prices (#neverrefresh) + Location Views.

Squirrel Features:

- PORTFOLIO VIEW - The porfolio can be viewed in fiat, BTC, or ETH. It also has a 24 hour profit / loss and a graph of your holdings. Click the pie chart button to see what percentage each holding makes up out of your total assets. In the settings section, you can change your base fiat currency.
- COIN DETAIL ANALYSIS VIEW - See asset performance. 24 hour highs and lows. Total gains/losses over 24 hours.
- COIN LOCATIONS VIEW - See all of the locations where you have a coin - exchanges, wallets, or offline wallets - wherever you specify that the coin is stored.
- LOCATION VIEW - See all of assets you have in each location - wallet, exchanges, offline wallets.
- IMPORT HOLDINGS - Import all of your assets from all of the common exchnages, want more added? No problem, just submit a feature request or send us an email.
- PRICE ALERTS - Set up price notifications for each crypto asset in your portfolio. Or track other assets by setting alerts for any cryptocurrency.
- FEEDBACK MATTERS - We want Squirrel to be your favorite app for tracking your crypto! What can we do to improve the app and make you happier?

The Squirrel wants to hear from you:

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Squirrel is a free application. However, unlike other free portfolio apps - our users are not the product. We will not sell any of your data, give any of your data away, or use it for our own research. Your data is totally encrypted.

- Privacy Policy:


Versión 1.1.1

We fixed a bug preventing news from loading. Enjoy!

Privacidad de la app

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