Capturas de pantalla del iPhone


This app can be Stereogram shooting.

Stereogram anyone can see without glasses.
However, there is a need to understand (Cross-viewing) and (Parallel-viewing) in order to see the stereogram.

[How to use]

Special shutter button to take with one hand.
There are anti-shake function.

How to take pictures!

You need to shoot twice to create a 3D photo.
The first piece for the left eye, Second piece is the right eye.

You need to shoot twice to create a 3D photo.
The first piece for the left eye, second piece is the right eye.
1. the first piece taken, should be taken to take a picture of normal.
(A picture taken can also slide to the Photo shutter button. It is used when you are shooting with one hand.)
2. second piece shooting will start automatically when you shoot the first sheet.
The shutter is released after 0.5 seconds by default.
Please hand moves to the right approximately 10cm horizontally the iPhone so far.
Please adjust the guide frame to the shooting screen.
(At this time, do not change the angle of the iPhone and the first piece shooting as much as possible.)
3. You can view the pictures you took by sliding the shutter button to the “Play”

[Cautions on the anti-shake function]

When taking pictures of the scenery from a moving vehicle such as cars and trains, please
turn off the anti-shake function.
(When the acceleration sensor detects vehicle movement, the camera cannot take pictures.)

If this is the case, please set the “Time to a photography start” to more than “0.3 sec after” on the option settings.
(You can reduce the shaking that is caused by pressing the shutter button.)

[Main Functions]
1. Capable of 3D imaging.
2. The menu is displayed by long-pressing the picture or the folder.
3. Save in camera roll.
4. Delete by long-pressing the folder of the unwanted pictures!
5. It is possible to post your favorite pictures on Facebook or Twitter by mail.
6. Possible to recover deleted pictures from the trash folder!
7. It is possible to set the location to save the pictures!
8. There is a private folder (requiring passcode).

A very simple and user-friendly 3D camera app!
Very simple to shoot, play and save.


Versión 1.4.0

It corresponded to iOS9.


yasuyoshi tsuzaki
7 MB
Foto y vídeo

Requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Inglés, Japonés



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