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SymphonyPro 5 is a complete and intuitive app for writing music notation on iPad. It allows you to compose music for just about any size ensemble, from piano, symphonies, band, lead sheets, chord charts, guitar tabs, and more.

Starting Version 5, Symphony Pro now offers handwriting recognition as the only in-app purchase: Perfect with Apple Pencil, and works great with touch or capacitive stylus


SP provides all of the key options to begin your work. Import a score via MusicXML, MXL, MIDI, or SP file from your computer, or from apps like Dropbox, Mail, iCloud Drive, or Safari. You can base your project on a template, or start a blank score and add additional parts later.


To add notes, choose Pencil mode, and tap anywhere on a bar to begin editing right away. You can quickly specify note properties before or after placing notes. By switching to Select mode with one touch, you can also transpose, erase, cut, and paste multiple notes/tracks.

With an on-screen instrument, a QWERTY keyboard, or Core MIDI compatible keyboard, you can quickly enter notes & chords in step entry mode. Record a part in real-time with on-screen instruments to transcribe into notation.

Versions 4 & 5 take greater advantage of the iPad touchscreen. With shortcuts and contextual menus to edit note & bar properties, many of the commonly used editing commands are right at your fingertips.

SP supports a wide range of notational elements for your composition. Including dynamics & articulations, time & key signature changes, clef changes, pedals, and repeat conventions. Edit chord symbols, lyrics, and annotations using the iPad’s standard keyboard.


When you’re finished, print out your score with AirPrint, or export it as a PDF, MusicXML, AAC, MIDI, or Symphony file. Share files via email or directly to another computer or iPad via Dropbox/iCloud Drive.


• Introducing Handwriting Recognition for Apple Pencil & touch
• Starting Version 5, Handwriting is the only In-App Purchase to enable the complete app
• Now download SP on your iPhone
• 24+ professionally recorded and sound-designed acoustic instruments, free out of the box

Earlier features offered free, to existing & new owners

• 114 built-in instruments for playback, and auditioning the notes you entered
• Create in standard music notation or tablature
• Edit with an on-screen piano, QWERTY keyboard, or a MIDI input device
• Dozens of shortcuts & gestures to edit & navigate
• Reduce your score size, range, or combination of parts for viewing & editing*
• Print directly to AirPrint
• Up to 48 instruments, 100 staves, 4 voices/layers per score
• Record a part in real-time with clicks at the beat with optional emphasis
• Backup & sync your scores with iCloud*
• Import MusicXML, MIDI, MXL, or Symphony files
• Export as a PDF, MusicXML, MIDI, AAC, or Symphony file
• Large selection of articulations & dynamics
• Multi-measure rests, including automatic rests
• Grace notes
• Customizable noteheads & note colors
• Chord symbol, lyric, and annotation tools
• Edit the properties of multiple notes and rests simultaneously by multi-note select
• Copy/Paste function supports partial & multi-bar/staff select
• Unlimited undo/redo
• Customizable stem directions & note beaming
• Transposing & concert pitch score option
• Change tempo or clef anywhere in score or bar
• Stream audio or share your screen wirelessly with AirPlay
• Advanced document management
• Create your own custom project template or use a built-in one
• Customizable part groupings for SATB and instrument families
• Customizable chord symbol, lyric, and annotation font
• Loop playback feature
• Auto-save support

* Previously paid, but now free upgrade in Version 5

For More information, please visit:

• Facebook page at
• Learn about the iPhone-only app:


Versión 5.2.14

- Fixes text artifacting in iOS 12 and earlier
- Crash fixes in 5.2.13 and earlier

Valoraciones y reseñas

3.5 de 5
28 valoraciones

28 valoraciones

manu33313 ,


La aplicación está al mismo nivel que otras aplicaciones (Finale, Encore, etc.) que no existen para los iPad. Además, es relativamente sencilla de usar cuando se ha practicado un poco con ella.
Si se puede mejorar algo, sugeriría a los desarrolladores que hicieran una versión en español, un aumento de las capacidades de exportación/importación a otros formatos ya que de momento,sólo exporta, además de a PDF, a XML/MIDi/M4A e importa únicamente de XML y MIDI, así como la posibilidad de introducir las letras en partituras corales de una manera más sencilla y no nota a nota.

lizrdipablo ,

Una pena...

Muy poco profesional... con una librería bastante mala.
Lo de escribir funciona. Una pena que no sirva para todo lo que deberíamos hacer escribiendo a mano.
Es bastante engorroso y no esté en castellano.
Le veo demasiados problemas como para usarlo a diario...
Más bien me tira para atrás tener que usar esta App.

uwewe osaz ,

Continously crashing

Very frustrating. Not a cheap app, and I can't even write down two notes in a row that it crashes and closes instantly.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

We have recognized the crashing in version 5 appreciate your patience. The next update (6.0) will be free, will bring full compatibility with iOS 13/iPad OS, and will emphasize reliability and stability a lot more than past versions. We hope you look forward to its release in a few weeks.

Compras dentro de la app

Handwriting Recognition Tool
Swift & seamless. Perfect with Apple Pencil.
16,99 €


Xenon Labs, LLC
362 MB

Requiere iOS 9.3 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



16,99 €
Compras dentro de la app
  1. Version 4: Complete Features Bundle
  2. Handwriting Recognition Tool 16,99 €


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