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Ultimate Date Converter (UDC) helps you to convert a date in one calendar system to another calendar.
More than 100 calendars are now available.

◉ Lot of calendars are yet supported:
=== Still in use ===
▸ Gregorian, Julien, Revised Julian
▸ Custom Gregorian calendar
▸ Romanian
▸ Bikram Sambat
▸ Thai
▸ Breton
▸ North Korea

=== Japanese calendars ===
▸ Anno Domini based
▸ Jimmu Tenno
▸ Nengo Era

=== Archaic calendars ===
▸ French Republic (Julian, Gregorian and Equinox computation)
▸ Soviet (5 days)
▸ Maya
▸ Armenian
▸ Chinese
▸ Celtic tree
▸ Antique Egypt
▸ Swedish
▸ Bizantine

=== Islamic and Hebrew calendars ===
▸ Baha'i (before and after 2015)
▸ Hebrew
▸ Islamic (4 versions + Umm al Qura)
▸ Persian (Jalaali and Khayyam)
▸ Berber
▸ Afghan

=== Reform calendars ===
▸ World calendar
▸ Symmetry010, Symmetry454
▸ Perpetual Fixe
▸ Bonavian Civil
▸ Positivism
▸ Dee & Dee Cecil
▸ World Season (Isaac Asimov)
▸ Tranquility
▸ Hanke-Henry
▸ Pax
▸ Tabot
▸ Pataphysic
▸ Holocene

=== For professional usage ===
▸ ISO week date, US week date
▸ Day counter: Julian, Rata Die, Lilian, Dublin, Reduced, Modified, CNES, CCSDS, LOP
▸ Custom Day counter
▸ ISO ordinal calendar
▸ Masonic

=== Liturgical calendars ===
▸ Nanakshahi
▸ Coptic
▸ Ethiopian
▸ Myanmar
▸ Discordian

=== Fiction ===
▸ Star date (3 versions)

◉ Following calendars are proposed by default with the application:
▸ Gregorian (astronomic),
▸ Julien (proleptic and orthodox),
▸ World calendar
▸ Few reform calendars and day counter calendars

◉ Additional features:
You can easily compute the number of days between two dates of two different calendars.
You can as well export a date converted in all calendars format to Note or Mail.
The ISO/US week date number is also displayed with the icon of the application, so you won't lose time to open the application.


Versión 2.2.8

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

◉ Bug fixing:
▸ It was needed to press twice the button "language" depending on the calendar
◉ New features:
▸ Remove Facebook's button (iPad only)
▸ iOS10 and Xcode8 support
▸ Remove button 'sort'
▸ Remove iAds (deprecated)
▸ Remove the possibility to change the font of characters
▸ Badi calendar: add day feasts
▸ French Republic (equinox): change computation algorithm
▸ Julian day counters: add decimal number
◉ New calendars:
▸ New Badi calendar aligned with the northward equinox starting in 172 as specified by the House of Justice
▸ Day counter CNES
▸ Day counter CCSDS
▸ Day counter LOP
▸ Myanmar calendar
▸ Byzantine calendars
▸ Discordian calendar

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