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Vizable is the best app for exploring your data on iOS. Pinch, tap, and swipe to answer questions, and watch your spreadsheets come to life with beautiful animations. Just download data from Fitbit, Mint, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more - and find out what insights are hiding in that Excel or CSV attachment. Stop staring at rows of numbers: It’s time to reach out and touch your data.

Visualize Anything
Let intuitive design guide you to data revelations. Don’t be confined to canned dashboards or templates. With Vizable, the only limitation is the number of questions you can ask! How are sales doing? Is my incentive plan working? How can I better align my inventory this month? Go ahead and ask why profit is down, or whether to invest in that new product.

Create and Share
Design a viz that makes your data pop. Then share with others, who can pick up right where you left off and discover their own insights. Rich visual analytics have never been this fun, and our users agree:

“Being able to show the data to the whole team is really powerful. Seeing the data convinced the team to invest in a project that could easily grow into a million-dollar business in a few years.” -Ryan Fry, co-owner of Sudwerk

“With thoughtful visuals, simple functionality and seemingly unlimited data viewing options that encourage users to interact and explore, it's certainly a lot more fun than sifting through an clunky Excel spreadsheet.” -Fast Company

Get Going
When we developed Vizable, we obsessed about one thing: making sure this is the best app for finding insights in your data. So there are no configuration screens, wizards, or chart builders. Just open your data in Vizable to see what it has to say.

With Vizable, you can:
• Transform data into interactive graphs and charts.
• Spot patterns and relationships with the help of beautiful animations.
• Pan and zoom through data stored in Excel and CSV files.
• Connect to data from Fitbit, Mint, Amazon, and more.
• Import data from Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and more.
• Analyze trends and explore data over time.
• Share your data stories with a static image or an interactive Viz file.

"Vizable provides a sleek interface and smooth animations that allow your data to come alive nicely. The pinching and other controls are responsive which make using the app quite simple. So, brighten up those drab spreadsheets by giving Vizable for iPad a try.” - Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice

“Believe me, in the few months I have been using Vizable, I have learned more about my family’s business than I probably have in the last five years. … It’s like a Rubik’s cube that you can change, rotate, and see the data in different ways with minimal effort. So if you have a question, you can answer it immediately.” -Alejandro Palaez, consultant for American Rubber

“…the possible use cases for an app like Vizable are virtually limitless. Personal finances, fitness data from something like the Nike Band, Amazon shopping habits are just some of the things that can be visualized.” - Mike Wheatley, SiliconANGLE

“Seeing the data spurred me to act. I might have eventually figured it out with Excel, but it would’ve been a lot more difficult.” -Dave Belt, owner of Seafoam Lavender


Versión 1.5

It’s here: Vizable 1.5 runs on your iPhone, too! Wherever you are, you’ve got the power of Vizable in your pocket.

We tuned Vizable for a smaller screen experience that rocks. It’s still got the analytical depth and intuitive gestures you love on iPad, so you can ask and answer questions right on your iPhone. All this plus an added bonus: hold down the Undo or Redo button to move through your entire revision history at once. What more could you ask for? Download Vizable 1.5 to explore your data from anywhere on even more devices.

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1 valoración

Miltrin ,

Simplemente Genial!

Pásale un CSV o XLSX con buenos datos y esta App hace el resto. En iPad Pro, vuela. Puede sacarte cualquier gráfico y análisis en cuestión de segundos. Le he colocado tablas con más de 2000 lineas y más de 20 columnas y lo gestiona a la perfección.

CaQ51 ,


Presenta filtros automáticos de hojas excel, de forma que puedes acceder a toda la información de grandes hojas de datos. Ordena, calcula promedios, max, min y sumas y realiza un aanalis gráfico de series temporales espectacular. Imprescindible.

Xurxo51 ,

Estupendo para análisis de información

Fácil gestión de datos ya tabulados. Permite presentar los resultados encolumnados o en una línea de tiempo de forma rápida y exportable como imagen.
Sería interesante poder incorporar datos en una tabla dentro de la propia aplicación.


Tableau Software, Inc.
76.6 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Clasificado 4+
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