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Create your wish board with the WishWish app. Just imagine, that we cut for you all the most inspired pictures from the magazinies!
All you need for wish board - in the WishWish categories!

Paper, glue and many hours of searching for suitable pictures in a magazine or in the Internet don’t need anymore. We promise that you will receive aesthetic pleasure and will be inspired by choosing a picture in categories: «travel», «love», «wedding», «family» etc. Just try!

Also, you can use a wish board as wallpaper on your iPhone.

Dream. Get inspired. Realise your dreams.

Do you want to see the Eiffel Tower, walk around Manhattan, try oysters, find a dream job, wake up with a view of the mountains or get wet from the mist of Niagara Falls - add to the collage!
Do you want to learn how to drive a car, jump with a parachute, snowboarding, add it!

Look at your wishboard every day, realise an image of your future in your mind, use a thoughts power and you can rich your dreams!

Is your friend in a bad mood? create a wish board especially for him. You can even make a unique birthday card by collecting your wishes in it.

Images in categories updates often. You can find an author and link to the original image.

If you want to share your wishboard on social networks use hashtag #wishwish_app and tag us @wishwish_app.
Leave a feedback if you like the application, we would glad to read it.


Versión 2.1.2

Now you can edit your wish boards;
Bug fixes

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