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Xtreme Mapping is an advanced editor of MIDI controller mappings for Native Instruments' Traktor Pro software. Long and extenuating sessions to configure your hardware are now a thing of the past since Xtreme Mapping makes this easier than ever with a set of convenient features such as:

- Keyboard and full Undo/Redo support
- Drag and Drop between different TSI files
- Textual description of Modifiers and Parameters
- Mapping Wizards for most common set of mappings
- Filters to narrow the set of mappings in the window
- Resizable and customizable user interface

Xtreme Mapping can edit any Generic MIDI or Traktor controller mapping made with Traktor Pro 2 (up to version 2.11.3) and Traktor Pro 3 (up to version 3.5.2).


Versió 1.5.7

Fixed bugs preventing Wizards to work in newer versions of macOS.

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Wizard doesn't work

As soon as I purchased it, I tried to launch the wizard to set up a controller and it does not start.

My computer is a MacBook Pro (Intel) with OSX Monterey (12.3.1).

Privacitat de l’app

El desenvolupador, xtrememapping.com, ha indicat que les pràctiques de privacitat de l’app poden incloure el tractament de les dades tal com es descriu a continuació. Per obtenir més informació, consulta la política de privacitat del desenvolupador.

No es recopilen dades

El desenvolupador no recopila dades d’aquesta app.

Les pràctiques de privacitat poden variar, per exemple, segons les funcions que utilitzis o l’edat que tinguis. Més informació