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Our minds are like computers that go wherever we go: to work, to shower, when we go on a trip...We cannot rid ourselves from our thoughts, not even for one moment. The curious thing is that it’s our mind what decides how we are feeling, if we are feeling happy or sad. Our mind is the only thing that can make our lives a living hell or a wonderful journey. That being said, being able to program this computer correctly is more important than the money we may have, our educational studies, our work, or how popular we are in society. 

The app is integrated with HealthKit so you can track your mindful minutes in the Health app of your phone.

This App has been made for you to realize that we must be conscientious of the amount of erroneous behavioral patterns that lead us down the road of suffering. These patterns ultimately are useless. Once we are able to identify these patterns, then we are able to exchange this thoughts in our lives that cause us suffering for thoughts that bring us joy. It’s almost as if our minds work as computers, they develop a series of programs: some of these programs are invalid, some are useless, and others are full of viruses that lead us towards suffering. Which is why I am going to challenge you to program your computer in depth, with programs that are useful and free of viruses and that will fill us, invariable, with peace.
Each chapter focuses on a particular behavior, an invalid program that leads us to suffering without offering anything positive in life. These behaviors are common in all human beings, and are actually the catalyst for feelings of unhappiness.  First, the behavioral pattern will be described, and then there will be a meditation that follows it. Each meditation will help you be more conscientious of the way you act in your daily life. The act of being conscientious, will subtly replace these invalid programs with others that offer us more happiness
The behavioral pattern that will be described are:

You Are Not Your Thoughts
We don´t have to act as slaves of our thoughts, we have to act as programmers to make our computers work for us and not against us, so that our minds don’t act as torturers, instead they act as our allies that allow us to be happy, give and receive love, and enjoy each moment in life.

The Voice in Your Head
If you notice, your mind is never satisfied, it always wants things to be different than what they are, it always has problems, and if you find the solution to one, it will surely come up with another problem, and with that an endless cycle…

Presence teaches you how to live free of the reigns of our minds When we calm our minds and we connect with our inner selves, we reach a surprising level of peace and serenity.

Life is Now
Our minds have been trained to think that whatever happens next will make us happier than what we are now. The present moment is full of peace and fulfillment.

The main enemy of happiness is that voice we have inside our head that constantly narrates how events should happen instead. You are only missing out on what life is giving to you, thinking about what it could have given you instead.

Forgiveness is not something we do for the other person, it is something we do for ourselves, for our own peace of mind and our well-being.

Stressed is not caused by our surroundings, it is caused by wanting to be somewhere else than where you are at the moment.

We are not aware of what we have. Every day is a gift. The simple act of showing gratitude for all that we have, places our attention in what we DO have, and this makes you feel very fortunate

Being kind to ourselves is essential for being kind to others, since we can’t give what we don’t have. If you don’t treat yourself with affection, kindness, and care, you most likely will not treat others that way either, because our world is a reflection of ourselves. 

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8 valoraciones

8 valoraciones

Susana Martina ,


it is a wonderful thing for meditation and relaxation. Thank you

CB gracia ,

5 Stars Experience

Great design, really easy to use.
It comes with lots of concepts and interesting explanations. Being able to connect the App with Apple Health App is a great festeje. I’d recommend this app

Esther montero ,


Ir works! I like it very much. 💚💛

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