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The first of-its-kind connected beauty device comes to life with the ZIIP Beauty App. Using our app, you can to instantaneously and wirelessly send different electrical treatments to your device at any time, from anywhere in the world. Using one of our seven electrical treatments, you can sculpt without surgery, contour cheekbones and jawline, make eyes look more awake, kill bacteria from oncoming pimples, decrease pigment production, and increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. All of our technology is developed by in-house team of engineers, doctors, scientists, and skincare experts. We develop with a human touch so you can take beauty into your own hands.

ZIIP Electrical Treatments are completely unlimited and available on this app whenever you want. They are:
*PRIMER - a 2 minute treatment to increase blood flow, vibrancy, and the efficacy of whatever treatment you choose next, while also saying goodbye to dull, gray skin
*ENERGIZE - a 12-minute face and neck treatment that uses both nanocurrent and microcurrent to FILL and LIFT the skin, and make it GLOW.
*LYMPH & LIFT - Aa 7 minute treatment that works to clear lymphatic pathways and lift the skin
*SENSITIVE ENERGIZE - a 12-minute face and neck treatment that uses nanocurrent to CALM, HEAL and TONE the skin.
*INSTANT GRATIFICATION - a 4-minute treatment that uses microcurrent to LIFT, SCULPT, and AWAKEN the skin.
*PIGMENT - a 1 to 6-minute treatment that uses direct current to treat and prevent MELASMA and SUN SPOTS.
*TOTAL CLEARING - a 1 to 8-minute treatment that uses direct current to treat and prevent ACNE and BACTERIA.
*QUICK FIX - a 2-minute treatment that uses nanocurrent, microcurrent, and direct current to treat PORES, the UNDEREYE area, and FINE LINES.
*VITALEYES - a 4-minute treatment that is better than a good night’s sleep. It uses microcurrent to decrease PUFFINESS, and improve the look of DARK CIRCLES and FINE LINES.


Versión 2.2.1

We've added support for a new generation of ZIIP Beauty devices.


Ziip, LLC
35.1 MB
Estilo de vida

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.





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