Gone Fishin’

Kick back, bait your hook, and reel in a few beauties.

Ahhh, fishing. Whether you consider it a relaxing, meditative hobby or a fiercely competitive sport, head to the great outdoors and cast a line at these fantastic fishing games.

Blast barracuda

‣ The phrase “like shooting fish in a barrel” is brought to hilarious life in Ridiculous Fishing. But instead of aiming into a wooden container, you hoist fish, frogs, crabs, turtles, piranhas, and other marine critters sky-high before blasting them out of the air for cash. Once you upgrade to lasers and Tesla coils, you’ll really be cooking.

    Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption



Tap for tuna

‣ The heroes of Desert Island Fishing are stranded at sea, but that doesn’t stop them from hauling up everything from under the water. This arcade-style treasure hunt has you tapping to reel in fish, trash, and loads of treasure as you unlock new tools, islands, characters, and even entire shipwrecks.

    Desert Island Fishing



Catch catnip

‣ A lily pad? A tiny inner tube? The starter nautical vessels in Sailor Cats simply won’t do for such adorable seafaring kitties. Fortunately, every coin, seashell, and piece of driftwood you catch can be used to upgrade your tiny dingy into an impressive fishing barge. Expand your fleet, recruit more cats, and search the globe for goodies!

    Sailor Cats

    Gatos pescadores kawaii


Snag sharks

‣ In Fishing Strike, every catch is a battle for dominance. All sorts of formidable fish fight your line in this sporty game; wrangle them into your boat by dragging them through stormy whirlpools. Special fishermen with unique combat abilities help you tackle particularly feisty prey, and the loot from each haul can beef up your boat, fishing gear, and angler-specific superpowers.

    Fishing Strike



Cast at camp

‣ Any Animal Crossing fan knows you can never have too many bells. In Pocket Camp, fishing is one of the easiest ways to rack up this valuable in-game currency. Just head over to Saltwater Shores or Lost Lure Creek, cast a line or a net into the water, and drag in some easy money to finance your special campsite.

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    ¡Crea tu parcela perfecta!