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Versio 3.0.1

Fixes bug in draw on PDF feature.

Arviot ja arvostelut

1.1 t. arviota

1.1 t. arviota

Kimmo J

Very good with some minor gotchas

I've been a very happy Stanza user until iOS 5, but alas with iOS 5 Stanza, which apparently hasn't seen updates in a long time and has been quietly dying, finally made a death rattle and now crashes on startup.

Bluefire seems to be my salvation as far as e-book reading is concerned! Looks good, supports the format I really care about and only has a few annoyances (which is why the four stars instead of five): first, very slow page turning, probably because there's no way (that I've found) to turn off the animation. It probably won't be a huge deal in daily use, but if you would like to tap back three or four pages to check something, prepare for aggravation as it takes half a second per page. Now, there are four options on HOW it makes you wait and they all look good, but I'd really like a "none" option there.

I'd have preferred more font choices as well - for instance, Georgia is the best on-screen reading font, the ones included are ok but not as good in my view.

The library view lists all the books in a straight up list, which is simple but also a bit too simple - the list gets very long if you have a lot of books, I wouldn't mind an option to sort on author with all the books from that author in a sub-view.

Finally, it would be nice to have an even easier way to alter the screen lighting level than digging into the settings; this may be me expecting this to be Stanza (which could do that by sliding your finger up/down on the screen while reading) and is a minor niggle really.

In all fairness many of the things I miss above come from Stanza - but that doesn't make them poor ideas. Hopefully Bluefire will continue improving - but a solid four stars and definitely recommended for anyone in need of a book reader.



Everything works perfectly. Fast. Easy to read with great night reading options as well.


Sehr nützlich

Blue reader ist eine sehr nützliche app
Überall wo ich kein. Papier buch zur hand habe
Schön das es sowas gibt


Bluefire Productions
42.3 Mt

Edellyttää iOS-versiota 9.3 tai tätä uudempaa versiota. Yhteensopiva laitteiden iPhone, iPad ja iPod touch kanssa.


suomi, baski, englanti, espanja, hollanti, italia, japani, kiina (perint.), kiina (yksinkertainen), norja (kirjanorja), portugali, ranska, saksa, tanska

Luokitus 12+ seuraavista syistä:
Vähän tai lievää alkoholin, tupakan tai huumeiden käyttöä, tai viittauksia niihin
Vähän tai lieviä aikuisille tarkoitettuja kaksimielisiä teemoja
Vähän tai lievää sarjakuva- tai fantasiaväkivaltaa
Vähän huumoria, joka on hävytöntä tai raakaa
Vähän tai lieviä kauhu- tai pelkoteemoja
Vähän tai lievää realistista väkivaltaa
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