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Order your favourite dishes to your doorstep with the Bolt Food delivery app. Whether you’re dreaming of sourdough pizza, craving tempura sushi, or desperate for an artisan burger — breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack — Bolt Food to the rescue! Don't waste time Googling "food near me" or "places to eat near me" — order in with Bolt Food!

Need to stock up on essential groceries? Try Bolt Market, our grocery delivery service, found inside the Bolt Food app.*

Bolt Food app features:
• An easy-to-use, intuitive interface
• Same day / instant grocery delivery with Bolt Market!
• Order and collect with our takeaway/pick-up option
• Real-time order and delivery tracking
• Convenient order scheduling in advance
• Seamless in-app payments

How to make an order with the Bolt Food delivery app:

1. Set your delivery address
2. Pick a restaurant or supermarket and choose your meal or food
3. Tap to order and pay
4. Track your order and watch the courier arrive
5. Enjoy!

Bolt Food was created by ride-hailing tech company Bolt. It's challenging the efficiency of the food and grocery delivery industry all over the world while helping shops and stores get more orders and enabling couriers to earn extra money.

Make some extra cash with your car, bike or motorbike. Become a Bolt Food courier:

Become a Bolt Food partner restaurant:

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*Only available in select markets.


Versio 1.60.1

Bug fixes and improvements

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129 arviota


Awful app

I tried contacting the customer service regarding my food delivery. Food was late, cold and burnt. They customer service took no responsibility and said everything was within timeframe.

This is a terrible service to use, switch to Wolt


Bad customer service

Had missing items and got 1€ refund fror 23€ order! And waited for 24h for reply. Wolt has never that bad customer service!


Such an awful app and staff

Lmfao after waiting an hour i contacted the customer support regarding the food not been picked up they told me that the courier wasnt even going to pick it up. Nice imagine failing as an food deliverer thats sad

Apin tietosuoja

Kehittäjä (BOLT TECHNOLOGY OU) ilmoitti, että apin tietosuojakäytänteet voivat sisältää tietojen käsittelyä alla kuvatulla tavalla. Katso lisätietoja kehittäjän tietosuojakäytännöstä.

Seurantaasi käytetyt tiedot

Seuraavia tietoja saatetaan käyttää seurantaasi muiden yhtiöiden omistamissa apeissa ja verkkosivustoissa:

  • Omat yhteystiedot
  • Tunnisteet
  • Käyttötiedot

Sinuun yhdistetyt tiedot

Seuraavia tietoja voidaan kerätä ja ne voidaan yhdistää henkilöllisyyteesi:

  • Ostot
  • Taloustiedot
  • Sijainti
  • Omat yhteystiedot
  • Käyttäjä­sisältö
  • Tunnisteet
  • Käyttötiedot
  • Vianmääritys­tiedot

Tietosuojakäytänteet voivat vaihdella esimerkiksi käyttämiesi ominaisuuksien tai ikäsi mukaan. Lisätietoja

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