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We’re just checking in to let you know that we’ve heard your concerns and we’re working hard to upgrade the app and fix any existing issues.

If you’re having trouble using the app, feel free to reach out to our Support Team. They can help you solve any issues you might be having:

Seriously easy scheduling for any type of event—all in one app. Just pick what kind of event you want to schedule, set it up, send it to participants and let Doodle handle the rest.
Say goodbye to all the back-and-forth and no-shows. The Doodle app lets you send times for appointments, team meetings, and even share your rolling availability. See who has responded or booked a time and have us automatically send the event details after booking. Doodle makes scheduling happen—without the hassle.


1. Booking Page - share your availability with a link
2. Group poll - share times with multiple people and find which time works best for everyone.
3. 1:1 - propose times to meet with one person and let them book what works best.


1. Set up your event and choose from Booking Page, group polls, and 1:1s.
2. Add the details, location, and video conferencing if it's remote.
3. Set up your availability or add times for group polls and 1:1s.
4. Create your event and then send your Booking Page or invite to participants. They pick what time(s) work for them.

- Group polls: The fastest way to find the right time for a meeting without having access to people’s calendars.
- 1:1s: Meet on your terms: select multiple times and let participants book what fits their schedule.
- Booking pages: Let clients, co-workers, and more book time with you instantly. You define your availability.
- No ads: Keep it professional for your participants with ad-free scheduling.
- Custom branding: Delight your marketing team by putting your branding on every invite or booking page.
-Deadlines and reminders: Get the most responses or make your invites time-limited.
- Video conferencing links: Automatically add video conferencing to every booked remote meeting.

- Download the app and create an account. We’ll take you to our website to do this. You can also start a trial.
- Take Doodle for a spin: Hit the create button (the + button) in the top right to create your first invite or booking page.
- Add the times or availability and details. Create then send the link to your participants.
- Is it a group poll? Make sure to close the poll after everyone has responded and we’ll email them all the details.
- Automatic calendar syncing: Avoid double bookings and keep your invites and booking pages always current.

Make sure you leave a review. We’d love to hear your feedback so we can make it even better.

We’re here if something breaks or you can’t figure anything out. Head here for how to’s and to contact Support:


Versio 5.0.23

1:1-Termine sind bei Doodle-Nutzern sehr beliebt. K\u00fcrzlich haben wir Gratis-Nutzern die Gelegenheit gegeben, kostenlos einen 1:1-Termin in unserem Web-Angebot zu erleben und haben diesen Prozess nun auch in unsere App integriert. Und wie immer haben wir alle Fehler behoben, die gemeldet wurden.

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148 arviota

148 arviota


Good for planning

Good for planning meetings when many are involved with different schedules!

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Hi Rabarbersara, thanks for your review. What should we improve to get the last star from you? Please use the feedback function directly in the app and tell us more about it. Happy to hear from you. Thanks and all the best, your Doodle team


Not a standalone app anymore

Scheduling is done in browser instead of the app. Makes this whole app useless.



Cant delete a poll

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