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ErgData from Concept2 is your personal training partner. Set up workouts from your phone or tablet, view customized stats and information during workouts, track your progress, sync with the Concept2 Online Logbook, take part in the Workout of the Day and much more.

-Set up workouts from your phone, making it simple to create even the most complex of interval workouts. You can choose to store workouts as favorites or rerow past efforts straight from ErgData.
-Set the Concept2 Workout of the Day on the monitor with a single tap.
-Compatible with the Apple Watch. Watch users can now see real-time heart rate data on the screen during the workout and in analysis afterwards.
-Choose from different workout display options, including small, medium and large data screens, a pace graph screen, an interval and split table or a pace boat. Easily swipe between screens during your workout. Customize the data shown to suit you.
-Syncs with the Concept2 Online Logbook, making it easy for you to take part in our many challenges. From the Online Logbook, your workouts can get sent to platforms such as Strava, Garmin Connect or Training Peaks.
-Detailed post-workout analysis helps you know exactly what happened during your workout. See all your interval and split data, as well as pace and rate graphs, plus how long you spent in each heart rate zone.
-Optional voice guidance to send audible workout data and results.

Technical Specifications
-Compatible with the PM5.
-Compatible with the Concept2 RowErg, SkiErg and BikeErg
-Connects to Apple Health
-Connects to PM5 via Bluetooth only

Note: Please do not have a USB stick in the PM5 at the same time as using ErgData, as this may prevent workouts being saved.


Versio 2.2.30

Fix: Drag Factor value is not saved in Logbook
Fix: Reduced occurrences of workouts not being saved correctly

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5 arviota

5 arviota


Missing Workout Analysis of Hole workout when user interval training generated

Workout analysis is available for each interval, not for the hole workout. Please add.


Ok app but needs work

Creates 5 min laps as a default and it cannot be removed. Super frustrating. And my last workout synced to Trainingpeaks with avg watts over 3000.


ErgData->Apple Health

Still unable to sync with Apple Health!?
It would also be great if ErgData could collect cardiovascular data as HR, HR Variability, HR Recovery and Training Effect. And upload that data to Apple Health.

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