They say there are two types of fisherman - those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish. Now it’s time to find out which one are YOU!

Welcome to the wet and wild world of ultimate fishing, where you play as the FISHERMAN! You are the master of the fishing rod, line and lure. With real physics.

FISHERMAN is a spiritual sequel to an old game that many people in Finland remember! It was a game where gnome type of troll just sat fishing for her wife. Or was it an albino hippo? It was so long ago that my memories get hazy... But events set in destiny made this game come back to life in this new form.

This time you don't sit and you are not a troll. You stand up and you are human (kinda) and most importantly - you fish again! With real physic. Randomly generated whoppers. Just like it was always meant to be. Take your time. Fishing is not about skill, it’s not about fast reflexes or polished technique. Fishing is about taking your time, relaxing, catching and hatching rare and exotic fishes and by that slowly progressing towards a new location. Find new fishes, purchase better gear, try new looks and venture to new areas in search of almost legendary fishes, that nobody has ever seen.

List of Features:
(lists are needed to make this text appear longer and us to look more professional. If you read to the end we will reward you!)

- Real physics based fishing
- Dynamic time and day to track when it's time to go home
- Dragonflies. Buzzz.
- Character that stands. That's you, the FISHERMAN
- Tons of different fishes for gathering and Fishdexing (tm)
- Costumes to wear when fishing.
- Locations to find more fishes and to enjoy exotic nature atmosphere
- Juicy larvas to eat!
- Gather coins someone has dropped to sea.
- Note to above line. Fishes eat those, not you as player. We don't care what you do at home.
- Rods, Lures also. (Yep if you go for bottom feeders you need different tools)
- Fishdex to have way to collect all. Also fishdex generates mystically coins to use.

Check the game, meet us www.ultimatefishmaster.com and give your ideas to be even better!!

Tap empty space five times in row on hatchers screen to get secret costume.


Versio 1.3.2

Whole Hatching Fishes procedure and continuance has been updated to match the latest regulations of IOVIS (International Organization for Vertebrata Incubator Standardization. In short, it's now easier to see how important fish Hatching is! It is 10+1 important!

Overhaul in menus. Meaning lot of love put into it. Details tuned, animations upgraded, and we also added a pixel.

Fixed bugs. We actually fixed lots of them. While doing that we also created new bugs, and then fixed those too! This line is not copied from “we update app regularly to .. plaa plaa plaa..” HEY WHY YOU STILL TYPE! STOP IT.. Upp sorry boss. I thought that i have to do! OK don't do that again. Ok ok. Ring ring ring… (wife calls). “Hello Darling. Yes i will pick up the kids today. Yes i remember Bobby has diarrhea from that week old pudding that aunt did. Will not forget that. I love you also. Bye”

Tuned DNA on fishes. (that means we tuned lots of parameters in Fishes. Is MASSIVE XML sheet with 30+ details on every fish. Looks simple to you as player but when i'm here late at night, alone in the office writing these fish stats in excel sheet that is send to XML parcel and then JSON database .. I miss my son Bobby, BUT i do it for you dear Fisherperson. Anyone who reads these is a nice person also. Tweet #BobbyDaddyLovesYou if you read! Please. So i feel i have meaning in my life.

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16 arviota


Devil is on details... simply great design and logic

Very good work team Kechapp!!!


Ihan okei

Ihan okei ajanviete peli vaik välil vähä kömpelö


370.1 Mt

Edellyttää iOS-versiota 9.0 tai tätä uudempaa versiota. Yhteensopiva laitteiden iPhone, iPad ja iPod touch kanssa.



Arvioitiin 12+ seuraavista syistä:
Vähän tai lievää alkoholin, tupakan tai huumeiden käyttöä, tai viittauksia niihin
Vähän tai lievää simuloitua uhkapeliä
Vähän tai lieviä kauhu- tai pelkoteemoja
Vähän huumoria, joka on hävytöntä tai raakaa
Vähän tai lievää sarjakuva- tai fantasiaväkivaltaa
Lievää seksuaalista sisältöä tai vähän alastomuutta
Vähän tai lieviä sairauksien tai hoitotoimenpiteiden kuvauksia
Vähän tai lieviä aikuisille tarkoitettuja kaksimielisiä teemoja
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