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The Oriflame Business App makes it easy for you to run your business from wherever, whenever.

Gain access to powerful, easy-to-understand real-time data that helps you make the right decisions to grow your business.

At the tips of your fingers: view real-time statistics, engage and motivate newcomers, instantly communicate with your team, and activate your entire downline.

Keep your Oriflame business always with you:
• Quickly access current and recent campaigns
• Receive real-time notifications about your team’s progress
• View recruitment rates
• Search your entire Personal Group
• View who’s placed an order (and who hasn’t!)
• Focus and re-engage non-actives
• Instantly connect with, motivate and congratulate team members
• Dashboard quick view of your important business indicators for the current catalogue
• View your starters, recruits and Welcome Program qualifiers
• Gain real-time business statistics with great visualisations
• Get instant notifications when a starter joins your Personal Group
• Powerful communication options for starters and your entire downline
• See the latest alerts, product launches and info
• Add new recruits right on the spot
• Create and send group or individual messages

- supports iOS 12.0+


Versio 5.13

• Advancement Bonus tracking (BCM)
• Recruitment rate KPI on Dashboard (MM)
• eCat share section improvement
• Bug fixes and technical improvements

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23 arviota

23 arviota

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