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Streaks 5

Thanks for using Streaks! This is a major update to Streaks, with a number of new features and improvements:

* Added: Ability to set an external URL for a task so you can quickly launch another app or web site
* Added: Ability to set negative tasks as "X times per week". If you mark a task as missed, it will appear as missed but your streak will not be reset to 0.
* Added: Ability for timed tasks to have multiple completions per day
* Added: "Pomodoro" sample timed task
* Added: Ability to create negative timed tasks
* Added: "Reduce Screen Time" sample negative timed task
* Added: Ability to auto-switch between dark/light theme based on system setting
* Added: Ability to mark today as missed for positive tasks (this can done via notifications or task calendar)
* Added: Ability to lock the app with Face ID / Touch ID
* Added: Ability to disable "shake to undo" option
* Added: Ability to delete all tasks (in the "Manage Data" section)
* Added: Ability to reset all data for a single task (in the task edit screen)
* Added: New multi-color themes
* Added: New icons
* Added: New Health tasks for brushing and flossing teeth
* Added: Today Extension widget now supports expanded mode, so you can see all of your tasks at once
* Changed: When adding a task, we've replaced the "Apple Watch" section with "Eat", and moved all food/nutrition tasks into there.

Other Changes:

* Improvements to tracking and synching of water and mindfulness tasks
* A wide range of performance improvements
* The add task and edit task screens have been redesigned
* Apple Watch: Improvements to Siri Watch Face
* Apple Watch: Fixes to duplicate recordings from Apple Watch being recorded
* Apple Watch: Improvements to complications

Thanks to everybody who helped us test out this new version of Streaks, as well as those who suggested new features and improvements!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at support@streaks.app.

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70 arviota


So far so good. Minor problems on Watch

The app is nice. The watch app is installed but the complication at first was nowhere to be found. I’ve tried all the possible faces. After I have selected the complication on the watch itself and restarted the Watch app on iPhone, only after that it became selectable. iPhone 6 plus, watch series 4.


Dissapointed with apple watch

Has a lot of bugs with apple watch.
Everytime I open the app on iphone it just doubles the amount of streaks. Doesn’t update anything to apple health app if not opened manually on iphone. Please fix that doubling bug. It makes whole app useless because now I have to avoid opening app on iphone. I use it mainly on apple watch.



Even better with the latest update!


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