In the near future, people will need immediate analysis of their physical condition. They will be more real-time aware of their overall health. This is a new dimension of immediate facts, clearly presented, that will give them new opportunities to challenge themselves and learn more about their physical well-being.

The TE3 is called a smart stick because it uses sensors to precisely measure body movement. Real-time data from the stick monitors body movement during exercise in a very precise way. It's revolutionary as well as simple and effective.

The TE3 Pro application makes data analysis and transforms this information into easily understandable visual form. The stick also guides the user to do the movements correctly through vibration impulses. This also increases concentration and the awareness of our body motion.

A digital training stick that analyzes body movements in multiple dimensions during training. Real-time feedback is no longer the future. It's here and now. It's TE3.

Learn more at www.te3balance.com


Versio 1.03

- New animation character.
- Firmware update for the stick to bring more smoother experience between the app and the stick.
- You can now return to the main menu by pressing the TE3-logo or by pressing the phones back button.
- History exports are now saved to a folder in Photo gallery (Needs Storage Permission)


TE3 Oy
305.9 Mt

Edellyttää iOS-versiota 8.0 tai tätä uudempaa versiota. Yhteensopiva laitteiden iPhone, iPad ja iPod touch kanssa.



Ikäraja 4+
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