Boost your energy levels

And overhaul your daily life with these four simple steps.

Yawn. Sorry, we’re pleased to see you, honestly, it’s just been one of those days. On the back of one of those weeks. That’s tagged on to one of those months. You know the ones.

If, like us, you find your energy levels dwindling and in need of a revitalising boost come early afternoon, questionable kale smoothies and a lazy evening curled up on the sofa aren’t the only remedies. Introduce these apps to your life and small daily changes can add up to big, energy-offering improvements.

Sleep better

When looking to boost your energy levels, how well you’re sleeping is a sensible place to start. This doesn’t just mean how long you’re spending in the land of nod, but the quality of sleep you’re getting on your nightly visits there. And that’s exactly what Sleep Cycle tracks.

See not just how much sleep you’ve had, but the quality, with Sleep Cycle.

Launch the app, lay your iPhone on your bedside table and the app uses clever algorithms to determine the state of sleep you’re in at any point – light sleep, deep sleep or awake. Graphing your nightly rest – or lack thereof – the app will show you any deficiencies in your sleep while its smart alarm feature ensures you’re only roused from light sleep, ensuring you start your day feeling more energised.

    Sleep Cycle - Sleep Better

    Sleep, track & wake up easier


Eat better

We said it doesn’t have to all be about kale smoothies, and it doesn’t. Tweak your diet slightly, however, and you’ll see that day-long lethargy replaced by flowing energy. Helping you substitute sugar crashes with salmon-based pick me ups, Lifesum pairs a catalogue of delicious but healthy recipes with the option for custom meal plans.

Better balance your diet and improve your energy levels with Lifesum.

By knowing what, and when, you should be eating, you can better avoid the temptation of energy-sapping fatty foods and maintain balanced energy levels throughout the day. And with the app offering nutritional breakdowns of your daily intake, it’s easier to level your input with your exercise-based output.

    Lifesum - Diet & Food Diary

    Meal Planner & Calorie Counter


Exercise better

It might sound counterintuitive, but exercising really does give you an energy boost. Helping you maximise these uplifting sessions by training in a way that suits you, 8fit offers personalised workouts tailored to your abilities and overall goals.

Exercise can up your energy levels as well as deplete them.

From heart rate-raising HIIT sessions to fat-burning activities, 8fit curates plans that fit within your limited free time, with all workouts running between 15 and 20 minutes in length. As well as giving you an energy boost without running your reserves dry, the app walks you through each exercise with handy step-by-step video guides.

    8fit Workout & Meal Planner

    Fitness & nutrition made easy


Relax better

Relaxing isn’t just a case of putting your feet up and watching a show on your iPad. To truly relax you need to switch off thoughts of that looming work deadline or ever-present life admin you’ve been putting off. Here, Calm can help you adopt a more zen-like mindset.

Clear your mind and reduce your stress levels with Calm.

Filled with guided meditations and breathing exercises to help you decompress after a long, stressful day, Calm will help you clear your mind and relax properly. The app even comes with a range of soothing sleep stories to help you drift off and repeat the whole energy-improving process all over again.

    Calm - Meditation and Sleep

    Meditation and Sleep Stories