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How to Fyuse life into photographs.

Fyuse - 3D Photos

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Sometimes, a 2D photograph just doesn’t do justice to those special memories you’ve captured with your iPhone or iPad. And when you’ve snapped something really great, it makes sense to give it the love and attention it truly deserves.

With Fyuse, you can give your photos a burst of 3D life thanks to spatial photography, and add depth and a sense of space to the most deserving moments. Here’s a look at how to create your standout “fyuse”.

1. Scan subjects

Photography with Fyuse is slightly different from your run-of-the-mill camera. Try tapping the subject in the frame before you press the shutter to set your focal point.

2. Photograph from multiple angles

Fyuse will show you an augmented reality (AR) guided trajectory around your chosen subject that you’ll want to move along while recording. Now press the shutter once and follow the arrow around your subject.

Press the shutter button once more to complete the photograph, and the app’s nifty spatial rendering will begin. All the images captured from arcing around the subject are combined through this process to complete a spatial interpretation.

3. Customise your fyuse

Once photography is complete, add a little extra personality to your fyuse by tapping the tiny paintbrush icon at the bottom of the image. Choose from a cool selection of filters, adjust the brightness, shadows, exposure etc. and even decorate it with stickers. The addition of a cute kitten never goes astray!

4. Pause for appreciation

Once you’re satisfied with your edited fyuse, it’s time to appreciate your marvellous creations. There’s no need to drag a finger or tap your screen, just tilt or rotate your device and watch the movement around the subject or panorama of your spatial photograph.

5. Other modes for photography

Once you’ve mastered the arc, try experimenting with other photography modes.

Fyuse boasts a lively user community too. Take inspiration from the latest posts featured on the app’s home screen, like them and “echo” particular favourites to your followers.

Immerse yourself in the world of spatial photography, and you’ll discover a completely new way of capturing moments that you can not only view, but interact with time and time again.

    Fyuse - 3D Photos

    Photo & Video