Watch Viaplay offline


TV series, movies and sports


Skimming through Viaplay’s featured content, you’ll discover a Nordic drama powerhouse that hosts a wide range of locally produced shows. And you can watch it all on your iPhone or iPad, even when you don’t have internet connection.

Why not visit desolate islands brimming with competitive participants as they fight for fame (and sometimes fortune) in one of many reality TV shows. Perhaps you’ll want to escape reality and delve into award-winning series, from dramas about violent Vikings and futuristic robots to clever detectives.

Or choose sport. If there’s a ball involved, chances are high you’ll find it on Viaplay.

Whatever your viewing preferences, here’s how to prepare for that long flight, daily commute or relaxing holiday offline.

Open your Viaplay settings

Go to your Viaplay app and on the bottom menu tap Account.

Choose the offline filter

Scrolling down in your account info, you’ll find the Offline filter slider. Set it to “on” (green). All the content you now see is available to download when you have a connection, so you can watch later.

Find your favourites

Tap “Save offline” to save content for later use. Tapping Offline on the bottom menu will show you all saved content, so you know what you’ve downloaded for offline use.

Boasting kids’ shows and cartoons, international blockbusters, documentaries, Viaplay Originals, as well as interesting indie films, subscribing to Viaplay is a no-brainer.

The app even offers a free trial period that gives you a glimpse of life onboard the Nordic entertainment train.


    TV series, movies and sports