Slime relaxations

Think slime is just a load of icky, sticky, messy green stuff? Well, get this: it’s evolved. You see, these days it can be sparkly, crunchy, smooth, magnetic and gooey – it can even glow in the dark! And, did you know that slime is therapeutic to play with?

Online videos of people playing with different types of slime are raking up thousands of views thanks to the phenomenon of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). ASMR describes the feeling of light euphoria triggered by specific sounds or visuals – think hearing a gentle whisper in your ear, or watching someone paint a wall with slow, seamless strokes.

And, yes, playing with slime offers exactly the same kind of soothing pleasure. Kneading, poking and stretching that multi-coloured goo can elicit instant brain and body tingles, and a sense of bliss. The downside? This gets messy real fast – counterproductive to your goal of relaxation.

Enter, or slither in, digital slime. These slime-simulation apps can tease your senses, relax your mind and relieve anxiety with just the stroke of your finger. Play with realistic textures, or create your own slime, add as much glitter and sparkle that your heart desires, and feel the day’s stresses slip away. Ahhh..

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