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4x4 Offroad Racing offers intense high speed race action with 10 simultaneous cars, jumps and crashes, 25+2 unlockable cars and 20 race tracks organized in 4 cups to master. The game takes place in a large and beautiful industrial park scenery with lots of options for epic jumps.

In 4x4 you race for virtual cash. Spend the earned cash to unlock more tracks and cars. You earn cash by winning the tracks, crashing into other cars, racing best lap times or by doing epic jumps and earn cash for the airtime! The 20 tracks are organized in 4 cups: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Win each cup to be able to unlock the next cup. When you unlocked and won all 4 cups you unlock the 2 bonus cars: A school bus and S.W.A.T. bus!

Beside the 2 bonus cars, the game offers 25 more cars: 10 pickup trucks, 10 offroad buggies and 5 heavy trucks. All cars have different engines, weights, steering and handling behaviors - so if can't master a track, just go and buy a different car with a different behavior. Take a light and speedy buggy to be quick or kick other cars out by crashing into them with a heavy truck!

Oh, and did we mention that the game supports you with 4 awesome hard rock music tracks that will kick your adrenaline level up high? And not only that: 4x4 Offroad Racing has an additional free driving track which - once unlocked - let's you freely explore the whole industrial park. Of course we put in some ueber epic jump ramps so that you can earn extra cash in free driving to buy and unlock additional cars and tracks.

Enjoy 4x4 Offroad Racing, a kick-ass racing game with lots of action!

Notes et avis

3,3 sur 5
6 notes

6 notes

Johann Charbonnier ,

Pas très addictif ...

Ce jeu est peu jouable, les commandes sont vraiment très brutes. Je ne ferais pas de ce jeu mon passe temps favoris, mais je dois avouer que, quand on s'ennuie vraiment, mais vraiment ! ce jeu nous divertis ... mais pas plus !

HellXionS ,

Jouabilité à revoir

Il y a du boulot avant que ce jeu soit jouable. En l'état ne vaut même pas les 0,79€ demandé.
Ne procure aucun plaisir, pire on s'énerve très vite car le jeu est injouable.

Vrouvroum117 ,

cool game

Really cool game.. a few slight problems though:
- some kind of bug concerning the ranking during the game ( from 3rd place to 7th place in a split second without being overtaken this happens especially during the 2nd to last race on platinum level)
-has never shown the 9th place ( will go straight from 8th to 10th place)
-lags a bit and unable to use anything else on the mac at the same time.

other than those few slight problems it's a great game!! thanks alot!!

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