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Please look if the App "AAccompanist" will not match better for you. "AAccompanist" fully includes this "AccordionPlus".

Please contact me by mail. I can't help and reply, when you write only an App store comment!

You can map General MIDI instruments to sounds of the "Sound Canvas" App or the "Gwerder X4" sound module.

To improve sound quality, use an external Sound Module or for example the App Roland "Sound Canvas". All instruments of the "Sound Canvas" (SC-8820) are selectable. You can map all 128 GM instruments to other SC-8820 instruments.

Chromatic Accordion (buttons and 88 piano keys!) "C-System", "B-System", "Free bass mode", "Quint converter" (only iPad's), "Drum mode", MIDI file player/recorder. Bayan not included. Replaces fully the popular "Accordion full".
I you have purchased "Accordion full", you can get a free upgrade, when you send me a mail with the date of purchasing and country (limited offer!).

Fully customizable "Button and Piano Accordion" with internal sounds or/and MIDI support.

This App makes more sense for iPads (specially iPad Air and iPad Pro), but can be used also on other devices. If you have two iPhones, you can play the melody on the first iPhone and the bass/chord/free bass on the second one.

- MIDI Bluetooth LE supported (e.g. Yamaha MD-BT01).
- Fully customizable "Chromatic Accordion" (Melody, Bass, Chord, free Bass).
- Button and piano key sizes can be adapted separately for the melody and bass side
- Customizable "Drum Pad" (GM drum set)
- Can be used as General MIDI sound module (virtual instrument, 16 channels, 128 instruments, drum set)
- Supports rotation 180° to reduce cable problems
- Full MIDI support with an external MIDI device like the "iRig MIDI"
- Change instrument, velocity, volume, reverb, chorus, octave and panorama for each channel
- Local sound ON/OFF
- Integrated Help
- Simple tutorial, how to play Accordion for beginners
- Get best results with MIDI adapter and a "General MIDI" sound module (set "Local sound" to OFF)
- Use "Accordion" as master keyboard for your MIDI sound module or
- "Open with AccordionPlus" is possible, when clicking on MIDI file (e.g. in Safari)
- MIDI file record and play
- MIDI files stored in the shared iTunes folder
- MIDI file search, rename and delete
- Can record what you play while MIDI file is playing
- You can mute MIDI file channels that you will play yourself or that are not wonted
- Song position can be set
- Master volume of the played MIDI file can be set
- Tempo can be changed (max. two times faster)
- For all 16 MIDI file channels the instruments, volumes and reverb (MIDI) can be changed
- Mail export possibility in file dialogue
- MIDI file can be transposed (-5 to +6 notes)
- Played notes from MIDI file can be marked as red buttons or grey piano keys (select desired channel). Use the "Freeze" button to stop and see the played notes.
- 32 chord types are detected and displayed !
- The chords can be detected an all channels or only on a specific one.
- Background playing is supported

- A customer "SoundFont" can be placed in the shared iTunes folder, named "GM_instruments.sf2" and it must support the General MIDI sound set including drums. Large "SoundFont" files may not work.

Some user comments:
Even better! * * * * *
von n9yty - Version - 1.1.3 - Nov 21, 2014
So, this update took a great app and added the B-griff or B-system layout for no extra charge. And while not new, it is very easy to customize the sound by adding a soundfont of your choice and adding extra styles of accompaniments via midi files. Great fun!

AAccompanist * * * * *
von Rgk45 - Version - 1.0.3 - Nov 10, 2014
What a marvelous app!! Wow!!! I am absolutely pleased.

Known problems:
- In iOS 7 there is a function called "Multitasking ...". Please set the switch to OFF (in iPad, Settings, General).
- No sound: Is the silent switch set to OFF or volume too low?


Version 4.4.5

Fixed: Red buttons to learn playing accordion were not shown on iPhones with newer iOS versions.
Info: You must press the yellow "test" buttons more than one second to see the buttons red highlighted on some newer iPhones, because the buttons are near on the left/right borders.

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2 notes

moict19 ,

Please Bass chromatique !

Please Bass chromatique !

Réponse du développeur ,

Thanks very much for the feedback. Sorry I can't understand what you mean by "please bass chromatique". Did you check all possibilities in "Settings". Please contact me by mail (

Mathiasranke ,

Was promising but...

I was looking for an App to practice accordion fingerings. There were a lot of efforts put into this app and we are indeed near.... BUT...

1) i cannot come clear with your free bass button keyboard. Especially your Quint system comes out of where exactly I cant figure. Why not simply take the reference layouts. For example look into the Roland Manual of the Vaccordions, you have alll layouts. Special wish for a true Palmer-Hughes or Galla-Rini quint system !

2) i wish i could practice the fingerings on the ipad like i do on the accordion, which means that "you dont see the keyboard" or else, that theh ipad screen is opposite to me. In this configuration the bass side should be where my left hand lies ie on the right side on the screen with the buttons in reverse order, and the reverse for the right side. This is basically mirroring the image, and it is absolutely necessary to practice alse the app is not useful.

3) could you add a feature where you see the midi names of the notes or keys on all buttons, especially useful for the free bass where it would enable to test different layouts. Midi names mean for example D3, A5, etc.

Thabk you and hopefully my comment will be useful and i get an app which brings real addrd value to me !

Réponse du développeur ,

For the future, please contact me by mail: In the App store I can't send you images and you can't send me images.
Sorry I can't fulfill your requirements. May be this is not the right App for you. There are a lot of other Accordion App's on the App store. You can also ask Apple for money back.
Concerning point 3), you could add a transparent film over the touch screen, with the names of the notes.


Walter Schurter
74.5 Mo

Nécessite iOS 9.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



3,49 €

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