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Version 1.5

Holy Monk Update

◉Gameplay Additions◉

◆Monk Class◆
▸Monks are an ancient class that use spiritual skills to destroy their enemies.
▸Monk Skills
◆Fury Focus - Your third consecutive attack in a row hits for double (Passive)
◆Energize - A buffing skill that grants an extra attack
◆Spirit Strike - A physical attack with a high hit rate
◆Inner Fire - A buffing skill that raises strength
◆Mend - A minor healing spell that uses no stamina
◆Inner Wind - A buffing skill that raises agility
◆Mind Control - A debuffing skill that lowers enemy strength and intelligence
◆Cobra Strike - A strong physical attack that poisons
◆Restore - A skill that heals equal to the amount last dealt to you
◆Dragon Strike - A strong physical attack with a high random factor
◆Inner Stone - A buffing spell that raises armor and blocks chance

◆Halfling Race◆
▸Halflings are a quick and dexterous race who resemble humans but are much smaller. Halflings are rather balanced and work well with all classes.
▸Bonus Skills: Quick Feet (Higher Dodge Chance), Make It Count (Higher Critical Damage)

◆Troll Race◆
▸Trolls are a very tall race who possess the ability to regenerate much faster than other races. Trolls are a legendary race and work best as Knights, Paladins, Druids, Rogues or Monks.
▸Bonus Skill: Regenerate (Huge HP Regains)

◉Accessibility Changes (Voice Over)◉
▸Starting Screen
-Labeled music / sfx on off buttons
-Added exit label to exit button

▸Character list select page
-Added label to add characters buttons
-Added label to back to start page button
-Made default starting button add characters button

▸Character Creation page
-Class, Race and Profession Sections labeled
-Can now hear stats after each reroll
-Can now hear what profession you are choosing
-Labeled to race and profession selectors
-Labeled close class, gems, profession, race info page

▸Main Section
-Added labels to all room squares
-Expanded exp label over bar so its easier to read
-Set Exp Bar to auto read after every battle

▸Menu Section
-Labeled Menu, Inventory, Crafts, Skillbook, Gem Shop and Exit.

▸Player Stats Section
-New label now shows all player stats together in order
-Labeled music on/off, sfx on/off and help scroll button

▸Equipment Section
-Added Hints to all equipment and potion slots

-Added hints to inventory slots
-Added hints to inventory and material bag buttons

▸Skills Section
-Added Hints for equipped skills and skillbook slots
-Labeled Dungeon Portals

▸Shop Section
-Added label to exit shop button
-Added hints to all inventory slots to let you know they are slots
-Added label to inventory bag and material bag toggle buttons

▸Vault Section
-Added hints to vault inventory slots
-Added labels for exit vault and to gem/iap shop

▸Battle Select
-When opened auto selects the dungeon arena round so you know which battle you are at
-Added hints on gold, material and gem so it does not just say the image name
-Added labels to previous and next battles on the selector screen
-Added labels on all the monster images and exit screen

▸Arena Screen
-When entering the arena it auto reads the combat log letting you know what monsters you are facing in the arena.
-When attacking it will now speak damage dealt and when monsters die
-Now can read stam, hp and sp bars and percents
-Now can read player stats
-Touching npcs says name and percent of life left
-Attacking npcs says damage miss block dodge etc
-Touching yourself says player hp percent
-Double tap hold on a skill or potion to see what it does.
-Notification when casting a spell without enough sp, stam, hp or wrong cast type

▸Battle Rewards
-Added hints on gold, material and gems

◉Bug Fixes◉
-Fixed a summon type on combat log
-Fixed a bug where you could get 2 different classes images for your character.

A special thanks to Matheus (drg), Dark and all the other members at that inspiried and helped me with this update.

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5 notes

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Nécessite iOS 7.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



Classé 9+ :
Scènes rares / légères de violence (animation ou fantastique)
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