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AKUDEX Acupuncture combines the knowledge from the most important literature on acupuncture and TCM in one app. In AKUDEX Acupuncture you will find all 361 classical points and 48 extra points of acupuncture. With over 180 ear points, 40 Western leading symptoms and more than 50 TCM syndromes, it is a comprehensive reference book that you can always have with you and even use offline. 80 concisely summarized studies illustrate the effectiveness of acupuncture for various indications. By means of an encyclopedia, complex interrelationships of Traditional Chinese Medicine and clinical leading symptoms are presented in an understandable way. In addition, you will receive information on more than 150 foods according to TCM aspects.

Ideal for acupuncture beginners or professionals: with simple explanations of the basic principles and detailed descriptions of acupuncture points, as well as for quick reference for advanced practitioners.

AKUDEX Acupuncture includes:

- A comprehensive atlas with all 361 acupuncture points classified according to WHO, plus 48 extra points and clear presentation of the respective point categories.
- Ear acupuncture with 180 points
- Synopsis of body and ear acupuncture
- Basics of TCM
- Chinese dietetics with breakdown of more than 150 foods
- Evidence-based medicine: summary of meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and selected studies
- Guiding Symptoms: Intuitive search of the content you need
- Access on laptop, cell phone, and tablet
- Offline access to content for 10 days after login

Terms and conditions: https://akudex.de/agb
Privacy: https://akudex.de/dataprotection


Version 1.3

In this version we have fixed some bugs and improved the performance.

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