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Alfa is NuvoAir clinical trial app designed to help patients perform accurate spirometry tests at home. Alfa offers state-of-the-art automated coaching, error detection and result selection to ensure high quality data.

Designed to support research organisations, pharma companies and hospitals to advance their medical research in the respiratory field. Alfa makes participation much more inviting thanks to a user friendly design and technology.

Alfa allows patients to record and share their spirometry data from home making data collection that much quicker of other solution.

Alfa is powered by the Air Next spirometer, which makes running clinical trials swift and cost effective, by bringing powerful technology into the homes of patients.

About the Air Next spirometer
• It connects automatically and wirelessly to your mobile device via Bluetooth.
• It is maintenance free thanks to the hygienic and high precision disposable turbine. No need for sterilization and calibration.

The Air Next spirometer is intended to be used by:
• Healthcare professionals trained to perform spirometry tests on patients.
• Adults trained by healthcare professionals or through self-learning who understand how to perform a high quality spirometry test.
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• The app shows expected test results, predicted by height, age, gender and ethnicity.
• The Air Next is intended to measure the forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1), the peak expiratory flow (PEF) and the forced vital capacity (FVC) in a forced expiratory maneuver. These measures can be used for the detection, assessment and monitoring of certain lung diseases.
• The Air Next spirometer is a CE Certified Medical Device Class IIa spirometer, meeting ISO 26782 and ISO 23747 standards. NuvoAir is ISO 13485 certified. (edited)
• The app connects with Health App from Apple, so you can export spirometer data (FVC, FEV1, PEF) from the Clinical trial app to the Health App.


Version 2.0.4

- updated translations


NuvoAir AB
152 Mo

Nécessite iOS 10.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Français, Allemand, Anglais, Arabe, Espagnol, Grec, Hongrois, Italien, Néerlandais, Polonais, Portugais, Russe, Suédois, Tchèque

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