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How do you know that the person you’re interacting with is actually who they claim to be?
Argos is the next generation of convenient and secure Digital Identity services.

Prove Who You Are
Society relies upon the testimony of the people and institutions who can affirm who you are. Taken alone, no single data source is infalli ble. Taken together, multiple data sources build confidence and certainty. Argos relies upon the testimony of multiple trustless institutions gathered into a network with each node independently managing data security and performing identity verification to their satisfaction.

Declare your digital identity by downloading the Argos Identity app. Argos Identity uses the latest cryptographic and blockchain technologies to create a self-sovereign digital identity that is resilient to impersonation and attack.

Link your digital identity to the people and institutions who know you best. More links means more people and institutions who are affirming you’re identity.

Take Control of Your Private Data
Your personal and private data is out there in the Cloud, and in the computer systems that power your life: your bank account, your insurance policy, the title to your car, your medical records, your academic history, your tax filings, your passwords.

Argos Identity gives you the tools to take possession and control of your digital identity. Link your Argos Identity to the institutions in your life, Through the Argos self-sovereign permissioning architecture and personal data transport services, you can instruct your institutions on how you want your personal data to be handled.

With Argos, you can authorize proper use of your private data. For example, approve requests for a Proof of Residence, a Proof of Citizenship, a Proof of Ownership, a Proof of Employment, or other robust digital proofs. And of course, you can use Argos to stop improper use of your private data by denying requests that you do not recognize.

Version 1.0 of the Argos Self-Sovereign Identity Manager implements an open protocol for a passwordless login service, as our first secure transaction type.

Argos users can use their digital identity to log in to participating online sites. To demo the experience, download the app to create a digital identity, and visit which has implemented the Argos No Password service.

Webmasters are invited to download the Argos Libraries from github for free, to implement the Argos No Password service onto their websites.

Confidentialité de l’app

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Prend en charge

  • Partage familial

    Jusqu’à six membres de la famille peuvent utiliser cette app lorsque le partage familial est activé.

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