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Everything you need to know about every camera worth using.

"How much drive space will I need for this Alexa Mini shoot?”
“How long will these batteries last me on a C300 Mk III?”
"What's the dynamic range of the Venice?”
"How big is this H.264 file going to be when I export?”

If you've ever asked these questions, this is the app for you. Whether you’re making decisions on set, troubleshooting in an edit bay, or figuring out which camera to buy, we’ve got you covered.

• Search over 125 cameras with a list that includes Arri, Canon, Red, Sony, Blackmagic, Panasonic and more. Or browse by format, from standards like ProRes and DNxHR to the newer Blackmagic Raw and ProRes Raw.

• Specs include dynamic range, sensor size, native ISO, lens mounts, resolutions, maximum FPS and more. See how well each camera and format performs with the latest versions of Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve. Know if it's been approved by Netflix for original programming. And tap a link to the manufacturer's website for firmware & manuals, and a phone number for support in your country.

• Use the Storage tool to determine how much footage you can fit on your camera card or hard drive-- or how much storage space you'll need for a given recording time. The Transfer tool lets you predict just how long it will take to move your files, whether you’re transferring to a drive or over the internet. And the Power tool can tell you how long your batteries will last, or how many you'll need for a shoot, with the option to factor in accessories like your monitor or wireless transmitter.

• Jot down observations and anything you want to remember about a camera with Notes. Compare specs or any other tool like Storage or Compatibility. Save your calculations and return to them later with a tap. Mark any camera as a favorite for quick access. And more!

"With the abundance of camera formats now out there, it’s easy to get lost with which system can do what. With the Cameras + Formats app this information is now at your fingertips."

"This is one of my favorites. It has every single piece of information for nearly every single camera on the market today. Comparing recording formats between cameras has never been easier."
-Shane Hurlbut, ASC

• Special Thanks •

Fred Soligan
Andrew Thomas
Anna Bernstein
Ivailo Velinov // CVP
Jan Heugel // Arri
Doug Bierschenk, Tom Crocker and Christian Branteghem // Sony
Juliet McNally and Geoff Smith // AbelCine
Fred Merten and Jan Heugel // Arri
Justin Kwan // Avid
David Newman // GoPro
John Kreidler // Leica
Tony D’Agostino // the VFX Camera Database

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For a full list of supported cameras and formats, visit

Current countries for manufacturer phone support are the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, and China.

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Cameras + Formats is developed by Zak Ray and the team at Gray Hour Media in NYC. Gray Hour produces fresh and original content for film, episodic and the web. Head to to check out our work!


Version 4.0.3

Introducing version 4.0, a complete, ground-up rewrite with a clean new design built for speed and ease of use.

All-New Design
In previous versions, going to Specs and then to the Storage calculator meant finding your camera in two different menus. Now, when you select a camera it stays active across every tool, and all tools are now in a unified, scrollable nav bar. Switching cameras, formats, and tools has never been faster.

Now a full-fledged tool in version 4, Transfer lets you predict just how long it will take to move your files, whether you’re transferring to a drive or over the internet. It also includes the ability to create presets, save results for later, and change the units of measurement based on what your speed test app uses.

The Compatibility tool gets a big update with the addition of Netflix Approval. If you’re choosing cameras for a Netflix production, this one is essential.

Power now lets you add accessories so you can calculate battery needs for your whole rig. You can also use batteries that list their capacity in mAh instead of watt hours. And there’s a new mode that tells you how many batteries you’ll need for a given capacity and record time.

And More:
• Dark mode (requires iOS 13)
• iCloud data sync for Favorites, Notes, Saved and Settings
• Compare feature works for all tools, not just Specs
• Camera and format lists are unified to a single menu
• Formats tool shows the maximum FPS available for a given format
• Save any calculation and return to it later by tapping the Save button
• Set a “preferred tool” when adding a favorite so you can jump right to what you need
• Set a “minimum resolution” to streamline the camera menu by hiding older models
• Helpful tips throughout the app
• Manufacturer support phone numbers for China

And of course, new cameras!
• Added Canon C300 Mk. III
• Added Canon R5 & R6
• Added Sony a7S III
• Added ZCam E2C, M4, S6, F6, and F8
• Added DJI Mavic Mini, Air, and Pro 2
• Updated Blackmagic Pocket 4K with new 2.4:1 resolution and Ursa Broadcast with Blackmagic Raw (firmware 6.6)
• Updated Red Dragon-X with new 6K resolutions (firmware 7.3)
• Updated Sony Venice with new frame rates and ProRes 444 (firmware 5.0)
• Updated Sigma FP with new CinemaDNG frame rates and dual native ISO (firmware 2.0)

Notes et avis

4.8 sur 5
18 notes

18 notes

Hadri38 ,

Great app

Manque plus que la résolution iPhone 6/6 plus.

Mr. Williamus ,


La valeur d'une telle application provient de l'exhaustivité de sa base de données, qui est malheureusement le point faible de ce programme. Pas d'AJA Cion, pas de Scarlet Dragon, pas de Red Weapon, pas de C300 Mk2…

Réponse du développeur ,

Merci pour vos commentaires. Je suis d'accord que les mises à jour de la base de données sont importantes, et nous travaillons fort sur une nouvelle mise à jour avec beaucoup de nouvelles caméras. Nous avons ajouté Red Weapon et C300 Mark II dans les versions 2.1 et 2.2. Nous n'avons pas eu beaucoup de demandes pour AJA Cion, mais nous sommes ouverts à l'ajouter à l'avenir.

Gwen.LR ,

Pas mal..

C'est un très bon début. Il serait bien d'ajouter des caméras peu être un peu moins pro: iPhone, Nikon, etc...


Zak Ray
28 Mo

Nécessite iOS 12.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



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