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Experience all the fun and excitement of RC plane flying without leaving your chair! Electric RC Sim is a flight simulator for radio controlled aircraft. Fast startup plus realistic physics and graphics make it a pleasure to fly. Use it to learn to fly (I did!), hone your skills, or just have fun flying around.

Learning to fly an RC plane takes practice, and Electric RC Sim can help you learn much faster. If (when) you crash, just press the reset button and you're flying again. There's no need to fuss with building, repairing, or waiting for a calm day, saving you time and money.

* two drones: simulates 4 motors, 3 axis gyro, PID controllers. Practice flips!
* all my favourite aircraft: two trainers, a slow flyer, an aerobatic plane and a flying wing
* aerobatic plane: learn to perform moves such as knife edging, snap rolls, ground loops
* P-51 for some scale flying fun
* ducted fan jet with massive control surfaces: crazy fast and crazy fun. Do flat spins like Maverick!
* control line plane: great for learning control basics
* "antigravity" trainer: have fun while learning the controls without having to worry about gravity
* four different flying fields, each with different wind conditions
* handy help guide for beginner pilots

* detailed nonlinear nonstationary flight dynamics model
* photorealistic graphics
* intelligent camera view and zoom helps improve sense of space and speed of your plane
* landscape and portrait view: portrait view helps with sense of altitude of your plane
* works great on iPhone; looks amazing on iPad
* realistic engine sounds: gotta love the sound of a screaming brushless!

Advanced controller (available as an optional In-App Purchase):
* set rates, expo and trim per model
* access to additional drone modes:
- hold: gentler for beginners
- expert: a blend of acro and auto levelling
- acro: sticks control turn rates - flies just like a 3d heli!
To prevent accidental purchases, you can disable In-App Purchases in your device settings.

Customer reviews:
"I received a physical quad copter/drone as a gift, and having never been around one had issues flying it. I was hesitant to practice, fearing causing damage to the flyer or persons/animals. I found this app which allows simulated flying in a safe environment with the exact controls my particular model used. After a couple days with the app I was able to fly the real thing with confidence, and within a week was completing flips, spins, fast direction changes, and expert maneuvers. I can't recommend this program enough."
"What a great training tool... Superb stall and flight control simulation. Love the wind..."
"Most realistic rc sim at the moment!! ... novice to experienced will enjoy"
"Portrait view is a great idea, and the camera zoom works perfectly. UI is simple and to the point..."
"Once I heard the word 'flips'... Awesome"

Check out "Electric RC Sim Lite" if you'd prefer to try before you buy. It features the 3 Channel trainer plane and one field.

*** If you like this app, be sure to check out "RC Toybox" (iPad only). A fun game to play with your kids. ***


Version 1.4

New drone which automatically flips when bank angle is high.
New field.

If you like this update, please take the time to rate/review the app. Old ratings get hidden with each update. Thanks and have fun!

Notes et avis

4.7 sur 5
3 notes

3 notes

DeltaTangoCharlie ,


pour de l'entrainement parfait. j'attend avec impatience un eventuel mode FPV avec vue depuis la cam du quad par exemple en lieu et place de la fenetre de vue zoomee, maniere de reellement profiter du mode accro! en tous cas bravo et merci, j'ai debloque la version full excellent outil d'entrainement au quotidien!

Steph.D ,

Pas mal et très encouragant

Enfin un simulateur avec un quad ... Des progrès a faire mais c est déjà top allez trim un mode atti et gps avec un fpv et ca sera le top ....

Tity76 ,

Génial !

Super application très réaliste en terme de pilotage : petits modèles réduits très instables, et très nerveux, comme des avions électriques de 70cm à 1m d'envergure dans le réedans le monde réel ... Permet d'acquérir les mêmes réflexes !
Un bon échantillonnage de modèles d'avions (ailes hautes, acrobatie, warbird), un quadricoptère, et un modèle en vol circulaire
Paysages (nombre et angles de vues), variété des modèles (avions +gros et plus stables pour débutants, jets, planeurs et hélicoptères), qualité graphique des modèles, son (pas de thermique, que de l'électrique) paramètres de simulation (vent, turbulences,ralenti ...) restent cependant à développer
Très bon rapport qualité /prix


Ben White
72.1 Mo

Nécessite iOS 6.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone 4, l’iPhone 4s, l’iPhone 5, l’iPhone 5c, l’iPhone 5s, l’iPhone 6, l’iPhone 6 Plus, l’iPhone 6S, l’iPhone 6s Plus, l’iPhone SE, l’iPhone 7, l’iPhone 7 Plus, l’iPhone 8, l’iPhone 8 Plus, l’iPhone X, l’iPhone XS, l’iPhone XS Max, l’iPhone XR, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



Classé 4+
© 2013, 2015, 2016 Ben White
3,49 €
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  1. Advanced Controller 2,29 €

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