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The Falcon Ballistics App is designed for hunters and recreational long-distance shooters who want a simple and intuitive app to calculate bullet trajectories. It is unique through its use of pre-defined bullet shapes to calculate trajectories for bullets of any calibre and weight. There is no need to know, or worry, about ballistics coefficients, whether they are G1 or G7, or G whatever. Just select your bullet shape, input atmospheric and gun information, and calculate.

Bullet types are listed from the most aerodynamic (BTHP) to the least (FLAT NOSE). Full metal jacket bullets have distinct characteristics, and are listed separately in .223 and .308 calibres because of the popularity of these bullets in long distance shooting, and round nose bullets used in hunting. The descriptive names for the bullet shapes combined with the listing from most aerodynamic to least aerodynamic should allow even a beginner to intuitively choose the correct shape for their bullet.

For the shooter that knows the G1 ballistics coefficient of their bullet and would like to use it, the app will convert it to the internal shape factor which is used to calculate the ballistics. Finally, there is also the option to define “custom” bullet parameters, which will enable the user to match his/her own custom ballistics data.

Input and output can be in either imperial or metric units. Switch back and forth at the press of a button.

There are 3 categories of input data: bullet, atmospheric conditions, and rifle and scope. Bullet weight and diameter are required along with the bullet shape and muzzle velocity. The app considers the effect of temperature, pressure, and relative humidity on the trajectory. The user can also correct muzzle velocity for barrel length, if different from 24 inches, when applying reloading specs which are based on a 24-inch barrel.

Once each set of data has been entered, and three green lights are lit, just hit calculate.

The app calculates velocity, drop, time of flight, energy, cross wind drift, lead for a moving target, and scope adjustment.

Calculations are carried out to 2000 yards, or when the bullet drops below sonic velocity, whichever comes first. Bullet instability can become a problem as the bullet crosses the sonic region. To ensure the calculations are representative, they are carried out only above the sonic velocity.

Output is written at every 100 yards (or meters) plus an optional distance entered by the user. This distance could be, for example, from a laser rangefinder. The default optional distance is 250 yards.

The app includes Helps, which provides extra information on the input variable. They are identified by a "?". These include descriptions of the bullet shapes, entry of atmospheric pressure, and barrel length correction.


Falcon Reservoir Engineering Ltd.
3.5 Mo

Nécessite iOS 8.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



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