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Falcon Real Racing: Extreme Asphalt will fulfill your dream of driving the high performance beast cars ever made. Extreme Asphalt, bursting your tires while racing on it is the way full of excitement and fun and the most challenging real racing, car racing game.

A real racing game? Expectations/ Need? Real Racing, Different modes, Modification, Customize the cars, extreme Graphics, Environment, Xtreme racing rally, dirt, climb, NOS, stunt, drift, Speed, struggle, action, Controls, User friendly interface, Challenging, Realistic graphics, new latest sports cars?

Falcon Real Racing: Extreme Asphalt a real racing game that will appeal to your expectations! We always believe to deliver the best quality and something new that needs to fulfill the expectations of a Falcon Real Racing: Extreme Asphalt game player. We have brought the real racing with most realistic best sports car driving, crash physics as well as leaderboard and the unique customisable arts of underground artists.

Hoping for the best that you will definitely enjoy Falcon Real Racing: Extreme Asphalt game. Must share the game with your friends on social media.

If you are not a professional racing competitor for "SPEED TRAP", "KNOCK OUT", "DRAG" "DRIFT", "SPRINT", then you are fearless competitor for “ENDLESS HIGHWAY RACING” with thrilling challenging experience with traffic.

Are you speed enthusiast or modification lover, who pushes the boundaries of success? Or ever wished Best racing pilot in the world, or wish to be? Be ready! Right now, burn the tires in different and unique way on asphalt, get on the wheel after choosing the best car that suits you!

Falcon Real Racing: Extreme Asphalt has most latest and powerful sports cars like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ferrari, Austin, McLaren and many more ...

Are you sure you can handle Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Farrari, Austin, and McLaren at very high speed in traffic? Reveal your style by modifying your car with different decals, stickers, spoilers, color, hood and rims! There is nothing limited to customize your favorite car.

No Rules! While racing, keep yourself safe from upcoming traffic on roads and the traffic vehicles nears to you. The near you pass with traffic cars the most you will earn points but don’t let the car get smashed because there is two way traffic on highway road.

After choosing your favorite car, accelerate your car’s engine power and go wild on city highway asphalt to beat the opponents on leaderboard. Here it is the most tough competition car racing game you will face. Now be ready for the most exciting stunt racing game experience with traffic mode on city highway with real racing! How the other players on leaderboard, who is the KING of the Asphalt!

Be careful drive save on city highway. Choose the right side, handle with care, and go on. Need race for speed, only.

Falcon Real Racing: Extreme Asphalt game is totally free to play.

Latest cars collection
Vehicles customisation and modification.
Realistic vehicles
Earn cash and purchase special cars
Xtreme realistic 3D graphics and HD environments
Xtreme Racing Asphalt highway
Extra animations
Xtreme visual effects
Smooth and realistic car controls
Challenging game play

Different types of Camera
Tik Tok against clock time


129.2 Mo

Nécessite iOS 9.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.




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