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We know the challenges of getting an organisation to adopt SOPs, so we built software that will be easy for your people to adopt, leading to less stress and improving the consistency of Quality, Cost and Customer experience. We make kanbans easy too!
GembaDocs includes these features:
Take photos, write, highlight, and draw on photos.
Integrated document control and change history
Integrated QR codes for accessing
Add a video link to create a QR code on your SOP
Make unlimited standard SOP & Kanbans cards
“Tag” / categorise SOP’s
SOP completion and cycle time tracking
Cover all your business digital work instructions by using our desktop version too
Invite other employees to create / edit documents centrally
Kanban cards for material control
New Value Analysis Video feature

Here are the Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures & GembaDocs:
Just hit the CREATE DOCUMENT button to get started. Give your Standard a Title – then for each step, snap a picture, annotate it if you like & describe the process step with some text– then repeat that for as many steps as you need til you’re DONE!

Document Control
When you create an SOP, reference and revision numbers are automatically managed. Also, the shared url and integrated QR code to access the document will always present the latest approved version.

Cover all business processes
Both desktop and mobile versions let you integrate seamlessly. Desktop helps you document digital processes and the mobile app is a total gamechanger for documenting physical processes.

Multiple ways to access SOPs
Our process documentation software allows you to access the SOP in multiple ways. These include:
Scan QR codes to view on any mobile device anywhere
Click the “always live and latest version” url’s
Print out the full step by step SOP
Access and view step by step SOP via the GembaDocs app

Lean documents made easy – easiest editing in the world!

With GembaDocs, accessing and editing SOP’s is way easier. Scan the QR code on the SOP and you will be taken straight to that specific SOP for editing. Just add the updated details, and you’re good to go.
To create a Kanban card, add a photo, which can then be edited through an integrated editing feature. Users can also draw pictures to highlight a specific area. It takes just a few minutes to generate a professional Kanban card, with a QR code for scanning when re-ordering.
New Value Analysis Video feature

Simply upload a video of your process and then annotate value by holding down our value button when value is being added. We then process and analyse your process automatically creating a slick video with intro explainer, showing a green light and a crowd cheering when value is being added and a red light when it is not. The video includes a process analysis screen showing the % / time of value vs non value. It’s so useful for training your people and benchmarking your improvement progress!

GembaDocs has been created by world-renowned Lean Maniacs, Tom Hughes & Patrick Magee of Lumen Electronics in Ireland. Tom recently authored a book called, “Improvement Starts With I – how to build an extraordinary Lean Culture,” check it out!


Version 6.1

Bug fixes and improvements.

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