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What is your problem?
• 3D Geometry is hard to approach at the beginning
• A 3D shape on paper is very hard to understand how it looks like in real

Geo-AR is here to help
• With Geo-AR, 3D Geometry is not a nightmare anymore
• Learn 3D geometry will be easier and interesting

What is Geo-AR
• Geo-AR is a tool to help you learn 3D Geometry in a better way
• By using Augmented Reality technology, Now your 3D shape will be put in the real world
• Put your model on the table then see all of its aspects

What can Geo-AR do
• Create points and connect them together
• Auto recognize hidden line and draw it as a dashed line
• Create a relationship such as perpendicular, parallel, equality, ...
• Add a sign to the line or angle to mark them as equality pair
• Move, scale, rotate the model to see all of its aspect (or just walk around it)
• Share your view with others to let them see your action on your model in real time
• Save and share your model with others


Version 1.1

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