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Meet AYO and get in charge of your energy!

The first comprehensive solution to actively beat your jet lag, improve your sleep, and boost your energy levels! AYO is an advanced wearable technology that optimizes your hormone levels according to your lifestyle and preferences using a specialized lighting solution. Imagine having your own portable sunshine that that helps you sleep better, feel better and be better!


Jet lag is a physiological condition that results from rapid changes in our body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. If we follow the needs and desires of our body, we would end up sleeping throughout the day and staying awake during the night. In the short-run, these symptoms can lead to low productivity, headache and loss of appetite, and in the long-run even to memory & learning problems.


Due to our contemporary lifestyle and 24/7 global working society, we are usually not spending enough time outdoors enjoying the light exposure which is needed for our hormone levels’ regulation. When lifestyle and work hours are not aligned with a person’s body clock, extreme situation being shift workers, this can lead to sleep problems and disorders. In the short run, sleep disorders can be the main reason for tiredness, fatigue and depression as well as they can increase the risk of getting diabetes, obesity, or heart diseases in the long run.


The lack of sun during the short and gloomy winter days in the Northern hemisphere leave many people with lack of energy which can lead to low moods, winter blues and other winter depressions. Exposing yourself to light is a proven technology that can increase energy levels and enhance mood as well as bring the so much needed power boost to tackle the afternoon energy dips.


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Plantages récurrents

Autant les lunettes AYO sont efficaces, autant l'appli aurait grand besoin d'être revue. Il y a environ 5 étapes à franchir avant de lancer un programme (franchement fastidieux) et l'appli plante régulièrement (par exemple si vous ne terminez pas un programme il n'y a pas moyen de l'annuler, pour en relancer un nouveau il faut désinstaller puis réinstaller l'appli).

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  • Partage familial

    Jusqu’à six membres de la famille peuvent utiliser cette app lorsque le partage familial est activé.

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