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Allow Grafio to become an extension of your fingertip. Draw a rectangle, circle or an ellipse and watch Grafio recognize and replace it with a perfectly looking shape for your diagram or schematic. Grafio has been around for 9 years already, polished, efficient and full of features achieved through more than 35 updates and free upgrades.

Drag and drop objects on the canvas for more complex diagrams. Make connections and add text and images. Everything you need for visualizing your idea.

The shapes you draw are automatically closed and straightened, all primitive shapes are instantly recognized. The lines you draw between shapes are automatically turned into connections thanks to our shape recognition algorithms.

Some diagrams require more advanced objects. Grafio provides hundreds of shapes you could easily drag in from the library. You could also insert images from your Camera Roll as shapes and connect them to your other shapes.

Recording audio notes to your shapes could be a way for you to collect your thoughts or you can use this feature for something more creative, like taking an interview or recording your riffs for example.

We developed а non-intrusive interface that will get you straight to the point. All advanced features you might need are also there hidden beneath the surface. To have all that power on your iOS Device at your fingertips is truly amazing!

- Video tutorials on Grafio on YouTube:


• Shape recognition (recognizes hand drawn basic shapes - rectangles, ellipses, triangles etc.)
• Drag & drop shapes from many libraries
• Insert or paste Images
• Ultimately precise drawing with Apple Pencil
• Build diagrams and graphs through connections (a line between two objects is recognized as a connection)
• Label shapes and connections (double tap to add text anywhere)
• Select, move, rotate and scale everything (even sketches)
• Change shape size, colors, opacity and other properties
• 50+ Fonts, font size, font colors and font alignment
• Not enough fonts? Import your favorite ones!
• 10 Different connection types with adjustable radius
• Bring To Front / Send To back / Lock or Group Shapes
• Copy and Paste across the application
• Undo & Redo
• Zoom and Pan across your canvas
• AirPlay and VGA/HDMI output for presentations
• Export to PDF, PNG or JPG
• Send your document or graphics by e-mail
• AirPrint support
• iCloud and other cloud service support


• Make Designs
• Take Visual Notes
• Vector Sketches
• Flowcharts
• Network Diagrams
• SDL Diagrams
• Data Flow Diagrams
• Workflow Diagrams
• TQM Diagrams
• Audit Diagram
• Organisational Charts
• Venn Diagrams
• Basic Charts and Graphs
• Sankey Diagrams
• Mind Mapping (Brainstorming Diagram)
• Block Diagram
• USE CASE Diagrams
• Web Site Maps
• Wireframe Diagrams
• Record Audio Notes to your Visual Objects
and many more...


• Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• Azure Services
• Basic Shapes
• Basic Flowchart
• Electrical symbols
• JoyPixels (formerly EmojiOne) symbols
• Hazard & GHS symbols
• Pictograms
• Textables
• Vintage shapes
• Arrows
• Balloons & callouts
• Doodles
• Memes

• FULL ACCESS - Get all libraries at a discount
• Wireframe
• Network Diagram
• SDL Diagram
• Workflow Diagram
• Audit Diagram
• TQM Diagram
• Data Flow Diagram
• ESL "Energese"
• Maps & Flags
• iOS UI Kit
• UX Flowchart cards (sitemap)
• Event-driven process chain (EPC)
• Concept Map
• Cross-Functional Flowchart
• Marketing Diagrams
• Venn Diagrams

Check out for more info...


Version 4.0.3

4.0.3 improvements:
- Automatic document saving upon exiting the app or receiving another document through Air Drop, no more data losses!
- Angular connections now behave and display properly
- Icon search now works properly with hardware keyboards
- Fix for a rare crash while receiving documents through Air Drop
- Fix for a rare crash when ungrouping several groups simultaneously
- Templates for the new Apple devices are now available
- Data Flow Diagram symbol thumbnails are back on track
- AWS icon pack - removed redundant Amazon and AWS prefixes in order to display more meaningful information in the table
- Icon names are now properly displayed in both light and dark themes
- Better conformance to your dark/light theme choice
- Various user interface improvements

Some of the most notable Improvements in 4.0:

Grafio can now store and sync your documents in the iCloud. Not just iCloud, any cloud service that has an app on your iPad. Exchanging between your devices has never been easier. Plus you're constantly backed up.

Speed up your creative process - no need to waste time typing shape text. Simply handwrite it using Apple Pencil into any shape on the canvas. Grafio won’t recognise the handwritten script but will duly store it inside. You can always use a fancy typeface later when you’re done with creating the graph.

A unified document browser that lets you manage your documents locally as well as on supported cloud services such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.

A precision toolbar to adjust any of your objects' position, rotation and size through numerical values. Flip a shape with just a button, or align and distribute multiple shapes.

Tons of new free icons - more than 3,000 color and black&white pictograms including activities, places, weather, people, animals, emoticons, electrical symbols, GHS and a lot more.

Icon search in the library. Now you can find what you need as easy as typing its name into the search box.

Scaling or rotating a shape now affects the text label inside as well.

It’s now possible to put arrowheads to any line even if it’s not a connection between shapes.

It's now possible to rearrange the order in which the shapes appear when exporting a video presentation.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) icon pack is now up to date

…and of course many usability and speed improvements under the hood.

Important: Please read carefully before updating from Grafio 3!
Grafio 4 is using a newer, iCloud-compliant document format. Your Grafio 3 documents will be converted to the new format seamlessly and will be stored in your local device storage. On your first run you will need to point the document browser to the correct location (On My iPad or On My iPhone). Your documents would not show up in Recents nor they will be uploaded to the iCloud. If for some reason you can't find your old projects, don't panic and don't remove the app. Get in touch with us for guidance.

If you like the new version, please spare a minute to leave us a rating or review in the App Store. It does matter a lot and keeps us motivated to further improve Grafio. Enjoy!

Notes et avis

3.9 sur 5
27 notes

27 notes

itralala ,

Quasi ultimate !

Bonjour, je viens d’acheter l’appli en profitant de l’offre Christmas. Pour la même somme, ça permet d’acheter le pack de formes (merci aux commerciaux d’avoir baissé le prix et de rendre ça très attractif !). Une petite remarque pour les développeurs : pouvez-vous rajouter une zone de recherche dans la librairie et si possible de pouvoir mettre des favoris sur les formes que l’on utilise régulièrement ? Un grand merci !

Réponse du développeur ,

Thank you for the kind review! Library search is coming soon in Grafio 4. Favorite icons is a good idea, we will put it in the idea pot for the next major upgrade.

rer(ty8ijj ,

Excellent sur ipad pro

La reconnaissance de forme fonctionne très bien.J’adore l’appli, bien pensée, ergonomique et très complète. Suggestion: Une fonction de recherche pourrait etre sympa pour s y retrouver plus facilement dans la bibliotèque de formes

Réponse du développeur ,

Thank you for the kind words! Of course, icon search will come in one of the upcoming updates. Thank you for the suggestion and the review!

Michmichnews ,


Belle application, se manipule assez facilement et après quelques galops d’essais permet de produire des documents riches complets et précis.
Je n’ai pas réussi à faire les documents que j’imaginais du fait des restrictions mais au final le nouvel agencement est plus joli et plus lisible, j’apprécie l’annotation vocale et la facilité d’utlisation. Toutes les nouvelles fonctionnalités seront appréciées.

Réponse du développeur ,

Thank you for the nice words! If you'd like to share something with us, we will be happy to hear from you:


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