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@home is a small status bar utility that keeps your portable Mac unlocked when you are at home, by disabling sleep mode and screensaver.

It does this by checking your wireless connection: when it detects your home wireless it assumes you are in your house where you don't need the screensaver or energy save settings to kick in. Optionally, @home will be enabled only when you are connected to power, in order to prevent draining your battery.

When you roam out of your home, the screensaver and energy settings from System Preferences are again respected and will lock/sleep your Mac as defined after some time of inactivity.

While there are other apps that provide similar functionality, they mostly rely on you setting some time-out or manually activating the apps. @home does away with that manual work and allows you to have it running constantly without worrying anymore about it.

Supports Dark Mode and Retina displays.

Note: closing the lid of your laptop or manually putting the computer into sleep are still supported, even when you are running @home.

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Version 1.3.0

Add support for macOS Mojave.

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