Version 9.14

- There are changes for the dark mode of iCab Mobile under iOS 13 in order to avoid conflicts with the new system-wide dark mode or iOS 13. Under iOS 13 the user interface of iCab Mobile will be always linked to the dark mode of the iOS. So if you enable the dark mode in the iOS, the user interface of iCab Mobile will automatically use the dark mode as well. iCab's own dark mode setting will only affect web sites now (which is because many web sites do not work fine with the dark mode, so they do need to be handled individually). Under iOS 12 and older, the dark mode setting of iCab Mobile will still be applied to the user interface and web site at the same time, just as before. Because of this change the dark mode setting of iCab Mobile will be moved to the "Web site" setting under iOS 13, while it remains in the User Interface settings under iOS 12 and older.

- Under iOS 13 the contextual menu for links (when using the modern Web Engine) and bookmarks can now have a preview of the linked page. This can be configured in the settings (Settings > User Interface > Menüs > Preview for contextual menu). Under iOS 12 and older this preview is only available on devices with "3D Touch" (deep-press on a link), the contextual menu uses a seperate gesture (long-press on the link) and is available on all devices. Under iOS 13 both is now combined and also works on devices without 3D Touch hardware, both gestures (deep-press and long-press) are treated the same. While the preview can be useful, it can be annoying as well because it needs a lot of additional space. Therefore you can configure whether the preview should be shown together with the contextual menu or not.

- For warnings related to untrusted server certificates, the App provides an option to directly inspect the certificate chain.

- Solves an issue of iOS 12 related to preserving the meta data in photos when saving them into the album

- Bugfix: Fixes a memory leak when using the modern Web Engine

- Bugfix: When using the modern web engine the URL filters were not always evaluated in the correct order

- Bugfix: Fixes a crash in reading mode when using the "classic" Web Engine

- Bugfix: After switching user accounts the modern Web Engine was unable to play videos

- Bugfix: Fixes an issue with the classic Web Engine when switching user accounts if there were an extremly large number of files in the web storage and cache

Notes et avis

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18 notes

18 notes

emocs ,


Ça va beaucoup mieux depuis la mise à jour enfin c’est moins rapides que safari c’est dommage

Minus van Baalen ,

New 'Dark Mode' is really nice!

I haven't tried this for all sites I regularly visit but it is really nice to be able to darken websites for reading at night.
It was a starting point in the philosophy of HTML that the user has the last word on how things are presented, and 'Dark Mode' fits perfectly in this philosophy.

olivier henguelle ,

Bonne application

Bonne application mais beaucoup de plantage depuis iOS 11... un module chromecast pourrait être sympa je pense.


Alexander Clauss
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Nécessite iOS 8.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Français, Allemand, Anglais, Catalan, Chinois simplifié, Chinois traditionnel, Espagnol, Italien, Japonais, Polonais, Russe, Tchèque

Classé 17+ :
Accès au Web non contrôlé.
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