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iConnectHue will bring out the best of your Philips Hue lights! Organize your Hue Lamps: Assemble groups for rooms, areas or special purposes. Light up your party, dinner or bedroom in your favorite colors and moods with easy to use drag & drop-functions! Want to go to bed? Just start up the integrated sleep timer and close your eyes. Intelligent timers only act when you need them.

Have you got a Hue, Friends of Hue switch or Motion Sensor and want more flexibility? Colors, scenes, sleep timers, reminders, brightness, blinking, on/off and even color animations (optional)! The motion sensor can either turn off or return to the last state of inactivity.

Philips has made it "app of the month" 5 times: iConnectHue was made to be powerful, but still solves complex tasks with ease. This all comes in a nice clean package. It's possibly the only app you will need for your Philips Hue Lights!

THIS IS is the iPhone version! "iConnectHue HD" for the iPad has even better usability thanks to the larger iPad screen.

Get more information about all the fantastic possibilities on

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any issues, please contact our support instead of giving a negative rating. Our team will try hard to solve any problem that you may encounter.

Why iConnectHue?
• Full feature set - control almost every aspect of your hues - and constant updates
• Family focus: Scene sharing, family geofencing (first one turns on the light, last one off - optional), group hiding (animation sharing requires same iCloud account)
• Everything non-music related happens on your bridge - your iPhone can stay off!
• Upload color animations to your bridge. No more empty batteries, everybody w/ iConnectHue can stop them!
• Create beautiful Magic Scenes, color your home - they work in every group and are super easy to create
• Drag & drop colors from one light to another
• Multiply the possibilities of your Hue Tap, Dimmer and Motion Sensor! More flexibility than any other app on the market (details:
• Create the iOS widget you want! Add scenes, switches, sleep timers, reminders, light states and dimmers, motion sensor temperature and more
• Access your lights and timers when not at home
• Powerful timers: Start them by time and day, by condition (group on/off or presence - with optional Automation), use colors & scenes, use random offsets, at sunrise or sunset time
• Instant timers: Darken lights when you go to bed, let your lights remind you (blink), transition to scenes
• Include your Living Colors / Living whites and 3rd party lights into your Hue system - iConnectHue can find most of them via Touchlink!
• Find new lights & devices, add lights from other bridges, update your firmware
• Integrated tutorials and FAQ make it easy to understand the usage and to solve problems
• Supports every Philips Hue hardware and most if not all 3rd party lights

To allow further development, additional modules are available via in-app-purchase:
• Automation turns off lights when the first arrives and the last left, plus individually by user
• Animation Upgrade for unlimited animations, upload to switches, use them on your Apple Watch, widget & timers
• Discotainment - sync your lights to music with Hue Entertainment and make your home a Disco
• REAL multi bridge support - control multiple bridges with just one app, without switching
• With Watch Plus you can give voice commands (also old bridge), control your groups, adjust their brightness and load their scenes, start sleep timers
• Additional animation and Magic Scene packages
• All in-app-purchases shared w/ iPad version, if same iTunes and iCloud account used

It's less than a single Hue light. App development costs time and money - have a look what app development means:

It can do much more than Philips' app:

Hue Bridge required!



Version 3.6.3

• Added workaround for an iOS 13 beta bug which makes the app freeze in certain situations

Note: We do not recommend to run iConnectHue on beta systems and can only guarantee its functionality on non-beta iOS versions. We usually do not make workarounds for beta versions, but deemed this problem as so severe we wanted to give you a solution. Please report issues like this not only to us, but to Apple as well, so they can fix them with their official release. Thanks!

We've made some updates to give you a head start into summer...
• Added motion sensor cancel support for Friends of Hue switches
• UI improvements
• We've tweaked iConnectHue under the hood. Please be gentle with the throttle!
• We've solved some things you were reporting us - thank you for doing this!

Friends of Hue support: We're proud to announce that Friends of Hue switches are now supported, and it was quite some work to do this!
Starting now, you can search for these switches and configure them with the known many options that iConnectHue's editor provides.
What's really cool is that we give you a 5th and 6th switch on these devices!

As you know from other devices, you can do these things:
• Alternations like multiple presses, time slots, day/night and group "on" state (only short press)
• Fade times for each action can be set
• Up to 8 actions per button press - colors, scenes, Magic Scenes, and (optionally) animations, blink alerts, sleep timers, motion sensor cancel, group and light on/off

We have reviewed and will review several of these switches in our list of supported devices:

We also have done several more things:
• iConnectHue supports zones, to allow you to split your flat into bigger parts
• You can create several new room types
• Animations with Magic Scenes are now started much faster!
• You can now reboot your bridge from within iConnectHue on the bridge service page
• Added support for more 3rd party devices
• We've improved several parts of the app
• Solved several problems you were reporting - thanks for doing this!

Note that zones are currently presented the same way as groups and rooms. This may change with future updates. Zones can be used the same way as groups and rooms throughout the entire app.

This update is free for you. As always we have improved the app in several details. But why explain something that you'll likely never stumble upon again from now on? We hope you enjoy this new release of iConnectHue! If you find anything suspicious, let us know!

•• Please leave a positive rating in the App Store, if you like these changes or want to support iConnectHue. Thank you! ••

If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate and use the contact function in the app. You will surely get support!
 If you need a quick check for a question, we also have an elaborate FAQ:

Notes et avis

4.2 sur 5
34 notes

34 notes

Fabio75010 ,

Du tout bon !

Ce qui se fait de mieux au niveau de la gestion et paramètrages de l’écosystème HUE. Dommage que des options soit payantes in-apps.

Réponse du développeur ,

Hello Fabio75010,

thanks for your review. I unfortunately don't speak French, so I answer in English:
We always develop this app further. In order to be able to do so, we need to add some in app purchases. If we wouldn't have them, the app would be pricier - though that wouldn't solve the continued development problem. We can't sell updates in the app store - but we add new features and improvements all the time. Since we work on them, we can't make them for free forever. You get regular payments in your job, and we need this as well for an app that we're working on all the time.
The in app purchases are therefore a compromise that had to be made. It allows us to give you an app for a pretty good basic price, and still to be able to continue development.
We explain this a little further here:

I hope you still enjoy the app though, albeit these things.

Jessblog ,

La meilleure !

Après en avoir essayé quelques unes, c'est celle-ci qui a fait mon bonheur.
Tout simplement l'une des plus complètes : gestion multi-utilisateur pour l'arrivée et la sortie de la maison, gestion des capteurs de présence complète, des diming switches, possibilité de définir plus que 2 tranches horaires, widget, etc!!!
Attention, tout ceci a un coût, et qui peut être non négligeable si on prend tout les achats in-app. Mais ça les vaut!!!
Bravo au développeur pour leur application et leur suivi sans faille ;)

zotrix ,

ne marche plus ... mais :)

J’ai voulu changer l’allumage de mes dimmers.. quelle erreur ! C’est simple tout ce que je peux à présent c’est allumer et éteindre mes lampes .. le basique du basique .. help !!!
3 jours plus tard .... : Tout marche!!! Impossible de me retrouver seulement avec l’appli de base Philips .. les utilisateurs de iconnecthue me comprendront. J’envoie un mail au support à 11h29 et à 15h01 je reçois une réponse et tout remarche. Je devais juste utiliser le wizards du menu de mon dimmer et faire un reset de ce dernier et voilà!! Merci à eux et à cette super appli.
Petite précision : j’ai du retourner mon bridge il y a 2 mois (le premier m’a lâché après la mise à jour de Feb2018) Voilà certainement pourquoi mon dimmer a du bugger lorsque j’ai voulu modifier mes initials settings. Settings qui étaient associés au 1er pont.

Réponse du développeur ,

Thanks for your review and I'm glad we could help you!


Stefan Goehler
41.1 Mo

Nécessite iOS 11.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Allemand, Anglais

Classé 4+
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5,49 €
Achats intégrés
  1. Automation 0,99 €
  2. Animation Upgrade 2,99 €
  3. Widget Editor 1,09 €

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