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Got tanpura? Well guess what, we have two for you, PLUS a Sur-Peti / Shruti box! Come listen to the beautiful, meditative sound of real Hemraj tanpuras, and get lost in the mysteries of Indian Classical music.

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◆ includes ALL iTanpura features + tabla

NOTE: iTanpura Lite has most the features of the full version except the sound stops playing after 60 seconds, and it does not include the Swar Mandal or the Tuner.

The Tanpura is a musical instrument used in Indian classical music to provide a background "drone" against which the rest of the music is performed. It is a 4-stringed instrument with a base made from cured pumpkin gourd and a stem made from wood.

iTanpura Lite is an electronic Tanpura for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It uses stereo digital sound to simulate a set of two tanpuras each of which can be tuned with a different string combination. It uses sounds sampled from real Hemraj tanpuras to provide beautiful yet realistic sound in a pleasing design. The sound quality has to be heard to be believed!

√ Includes two 5-string tanpuras with independent pan and volume controls, plus a Sur-Peti / Shruti Box
√ Uses sounds sampled from actual male & female tanpuras for realistic tanpura sound throughout the pitch range
√ Adjust pitch by name (C#, G, etc.) using pitch up/down buttons
√ Wide range of pitch from lower A (A2) through upper E (E4) for one and a half octaves of tuning
√ Suitable for vocal or instrumental music
√ Fine-tune pitch in cents. The display shows the fine-tune value to allow exact recreation of any pitch
√ Tempo Control: use the pitch/tempo switch to change the function of the slider in the top section
√ Play one or two simultaneous tanpuras both controlled by the master pitch controls
√ Each tanpura's first string can be tuned to Pa, Ma or Ni, or any custom note such as Re, Ga, Dha, etc
√ Or tune first string to any shruti in the octave using a slider
√ Each tanpura has its own pan and volume controls to allow precise placement within the stereo image. For example you can have a tanpura with Pa on your left and one with Ni on your right
√ PRESETS: Save your frequently-used combinations as named presets. Includes presets for the 100+ most popular raags.
√ Turn the Sur-Peti/Shruti Box on or off and adjust its volume from the settings page
√ Can be used with speakers, headset, or the internal speaker (a high-quality speaker dock is recommended for maximum effect)

Still using your old electronic tanpura or shruti box? The future of the tanpura is here!

NOTE: iTanpura Lite has all the features of the full version except the sound stops playing after 60 seconds and it does not include the Swar Mandal or the Tuner. The full version has no time limits and keeps playing till the user turns it off.


Version 9.1.8

- Implemented support for Magic Tap gesture (double-tap with two fingers) for Accessibility Voiceover. This gesture will start or stop all instruments.
- Minor enhancements & fixes

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1 note

Mattam1212 ,

Bien bien

Pour une appli gratuite c'est très bien , pour les versions payantes ( itabla, itampura) audiobus et IAA, et alors j'investis...
En attendant il n'y a aucune appli avec sons de musique indienne trad qui soit compatible audiobus ou IAA . Il serait peut être temps ?

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